High Exequy

Dark Based Skills
5,000 DP

High Exequy is a Skill in Dragon's Dogma.

High Exequy Information

"An advanced form of Exequy that creates an aura capable of destroying any foe caught within it in a shorter period of time.


  • Can kill almost any non-human enemy in one hit.
  • Can target multiple enemies/part of an enemy by casting the spell and moving the targeting sigil onto the creature.
  • Has a greater range than Exequy.It is capable of targeting upto 8 enemies at once.
  • When the sigil is in range of a creature, a circular timer will appear that will blink when it completes a full circle, indicating that the monster is ready to be slain. Simply release the spell at that time to kill the creature instantly.
  • However, you MUST hold down the [Skill] button for the duration of the timer or else the skill will cancel and the timer will reset.
  • Stamina is drained constantly while holding for the timer to complete.
  • The time needed by the timer is dependant on the Magick stats of the user, and the Dark resistance of the target.

Upgrades To

  • N/A

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