Grand Anodyne

Type Dark Arisen Skills
Vocation icon_Vocation_Mage.png
Req. Mage's Ring / Band with Anodyne / High Anodyne enchant.
Cost N/A
Weapon Staves

Grand Anodyne is a Skill in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

Grand Anodyne Information

"An advanced form of High Anodyne that restores more Health and lasts for an even longer period."


  • Invokes a magickal sigil which recovers the Health of those who enter.
  • Heals upto 3790 HP
    • Heals 162 HP/sec. The after-effect of leaving the sigil heals for 18 health/sec.
  • The sigil lasts for 15 seconds. Its after-effect lasts for 20 seconds.
  • It takes roughly 9.5 seconds to cast the spell.


  • All Anodyne spells are unaffected by any stat.
  • Undead, Skeletons and Phantasms will take Holy element damage from this spell if they enter the sigil's area of effect.

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