Vocations are the classes of Dragon's Dogma and represent an important but fluid choice in how you face the dangerous world of Gransys. The vocation of a character Arisen and their Pawns determine the Skills they will have as well as the Weapons available, and thus how the Stats will affect gameplay. Each vocation has specific Stat Growths patterns. There are nine vocations available which are sorted into 3 categories of Basic, Advanced and Hybrid.

Switching Vocations

You may switch vocations by visiting the Union Inn in Gran Soren. Changing vocations costs Discipline Points on the initial purchase but can be subsequently swapped in and out for no cost. Be mindful that hybrid vocations are not available for pawns, and the player character must reach level 10 before being able to use them. Players in the Dark Arisen expansion can also change vocations via Olra, once the Main Pawn has been set. Augmentations, skills, and core skills carry over to the other vocations provided they aren't attached to a specific weapon not usable by the vocation.

For a player guide on how to maximize your vocation's potential click here.

Basic Vocations

Advanced Vocations

Hybrid Vocations

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