The Everfall Guide for Dragon’s Dogma is a guide for the Everfall dungeon, accessible during the Endgame. Players can explore this location after completing the Main Quest, A Warm Welcome, initiated during the Endgame. The Everfall is home to the strongest iterations of boss Enemies, and the best Equipment outside of the Dark Arisen DLC.

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The Everfall Guide

The Everfall is the final dungeon in the main game.  It is believed to be the nexus point between different worlds, with closed gates signifying pathways to their counterpart areas in another world’s own Everfall. This can be concluded from the lines that Pawns say as the player explores the dangerous location. In addition to this, it is also home to the Seneschal, a deity charged with watching over the world, gifted (or cursed) with immortality and godlike powers, in exchange for his own life essence. Just as well, unlike other dungeons, it was a magical quality in that its rooms seem to be arranged in an infinite loop. Each chamber has its mix of minor enemies and bosses that give valuable Wakestones or Wakestone Shards, as well as chests that can contain rare Equipment.


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We stand at the trunk of all the branching worlds. The very root..."


The Everfall Walkthrough

The first time the player falls through the Everfall, they will always land on the platform leading to the Chamber of Confusion, regardless of which ledge they grab, due to some kind of confusing anomaly. Entering the door, the player will be greeted by a hall in which reside two Pawns, Rochelle and Faircrest, whose Arisen masters have passed, a trait unfortunately shared by all of the NPC Pawns that can be found in the Everfall. Notably, they also mention hostile Pawns proving dangerous to everyone, which the player will meet later on in the Chamber of Lament. Moving forward, the player will encounter their first boss in the dungeon, the Evil Eye, which is believed to be causing the spatial anomaly. This is also the same Evil Eye whose tentacles the player would have had to run from in the quest Lure of the Abyss.


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After defeating Evil Eye and exiting this first room, the Chamber of Confusion disappears forever, instead replaced by a slightly longer ledge where the NPCs Quince and Akim can be found, and an exit to the Pawn Guild in Gran Soren. Akim, along with Joye and Delec, are Merchants in the Everfall that sell rare gear that can be found in the different Chambers. The player can now jump from this platform to explore the entirety of the Everfall. There are 15 ledges counting down from this exit that the player can grab hold of, leading to 15 different Chambers. Joye can be found in the Chamber of Remorse on the sixth ledge, while Delec can be found in the Chamber of Estrangement, on the eleventh ledge


The Everfall Chambers, Enemies, and Chests

To visualize the Everfall, the player may think of the dungeon as a long column, with rings along the edges that make up the platforms that the player can grab hold of as they fall. These ledges each lead to a different chamber with different Enemies and chests. These chests have a small chance of giving the player rare Equipment. Otherwise, they will contain common Items, Equipment, and Curatives. The following table lists each Chamber along with the Enemies that they are home to, and the number of chests that can be found in them.



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Notes, Tips, and Trivia

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