New Player Help for Dragon's Dogma covers all helpful information dedicated to helping beginner players. This page covers topics to teach the basics of the game such as vocations, equipment, locations, and some helpful facts about the game. You'll also find some general tips that will boost your game experience.


Helpful Pages

You will find helpful tips and information to readily help you in your journey in the land of Gransys. Here are some pages that new players can check for more helpful facts:


  • About Dragon's Dogma: This page covers basic information about the game, a story overview and key features.
  • The Arisen: Get to know your character more. This is the title given to the players of Dragon's Dogma.
  • Pawns: Form a party of up to 4 with your pawns.
  • Combat: Includes basic & advanced mechanics. Enemy details & other available interactions.
  • Controls: This page covers the control schemes for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
  • World Information: Learn more about specific locations and how the day & night cycle works.
  • Places & Locations: Get to know Gransys, the kingdom where the game takes place & other points of interest.
  • Fast Travel: Learn more about how Ferrystones & Riftstones work.
  • NPCs: Details about in-game characters that you will meet.
  • Equipment: This covers all the details you need to know about items.


Dragon's Dogma New Player Help


Getting Started

Players will journey as the Arisen in the grim and deadly world of Gransys. As the Arisen, you can choose between 9 vocations that will determine the skills you will have, the weapons available, and the stats of your character. All of these will affect your gameplay so make sure to take your time in creating your character.

Single Save File

One thing to note about Dragon's Dogma is that it only gives the player a single save file. This means that you can't create multiple characters and this is also the reason why you want to make sure that you are satisfied with your character for a good amount of hours. You are allowed to change your character's appearance much later on. Read more about it here.


Character Creation

Dragon's Dogma features a unique character creation based on weight and height mechanics. You can read up on Stats as they will be affecting your gameplay such as stamina, running/walking speed, carrying capacity, and other in-game stats.


There are 9 vocations available to choose from, which are sorted into 3 basic categories: Basic, Advanced & Hybrid. Changing of vocations is allowed, and thus, encouraged to allow players to explore all types of combat to find the style that they're most comfortable with. Read more about the guide here and the suggested Pawn to support your character.


create character screen dragons dogma wiki guide

gransys map overview dragons dogma wiki guide

interface dragons dogma wiki guide


Dragon's Dogma Inns

Inns is one of the locations in Dragon's Dogma where players can rest and recover for a price. Players can also store items, learn and set skills and vocations and adjust Pawn inclinations at a knowledge chair. When players rest at an inn, players can choose to leave by night or the next day. You can find detailed information on all of the Inns' locations here.

Weapons, Skills & Augments

Skills in Dragon's Dogma are closely tied to Vocations and Weapons. Only a certain number of skills can be equipped at the same time, leading to various playstyles. In order to unlock skills,  you must use Discipline Points which are earned from killing enemies and completing quests. Augments are another unique skill that can be learned when leveling a certain vocation. These are passive skills that boost player stats and abilities.

How to Fast Travel in Dragon's Dogma

Ferrystones and Portcrystals go hand-in-hand when it comes to fast traveling in Dragon's Dogma. This system created for the players makes it a unique experience. 

eternal ferrystone items dragons dogma wiki guideWhat is a Ferrystone?

There are 2 types of Ferrystones:

  1. Regular Ferrystones: A consumable item that can be found in various locations. Players can buy Ferrystones from certain NPCs like FournivalThe Black Cat, and others.
  2. Eternal Ferrstones: A new item added to the Dark Arisen version of the game. This is an infinite use compared to the one-time use of Regular Ferrystone. 

Players simply need to use the item from their inventory and teleport to Portcrystals.

portcrystal items dragons dogma wiki guideWhat is a Portcrystal?

There are 2 types of Portcrystal: Portycrystal Rings in fixed spots and the purchasable Portcrystals that let players pick the spot to fast travel at any location. This gives the players the freedom to choose wherever they want to place the latter.

General Tips

Icon Dragon Forged Don't ignore Notice Board Quests. They are straightforward job Quests that are phrased as "kill a certain amount of monsters" etc. and are fantastic ways to earn gold doing tasks you would otherwise already be doing

Icon Dragon Forged Rotate support pawns as you level up, and favorite the ones you particularly find useful whether they're from The Rift or you've encountered them walking around the world. Being able to quickly find a specific one when you need it will be a helpful time saver. Try to keep your party as balanced as possible between offense, defense, and supportive roles.

Icon Dragon Forged  The game gets more difficult off the roads and especially when it turns to night. It's a good idea to rest at an inn before heading out to maximize your health and healing in Combat and will start your day fresh in the morning. If you must go out at night, be sure to carry plenty of oil in flasks to keep your Lantern lit and think about equipping your pawns with lanterns as well. Be sure to explore the areas you visit thoroughly, there is a lot to loot in both the towns and overworld.

Icon Dragon Forged Save often. This is an open world game that will only auto-save during quest steps. When you're out and exploring in the larger overworld, a simple misstep off a cliff or an unexpected death at the claws of an enemy (and this happens often) can wipe out the last chunk of time and gameplay since your last save. Avoid that dejected feeling of loss by saving whenever you have cleared an encounter.

Icon Dragon Forged Encumbrance happens quickly, so try and make it a point to return to Inns regularly to take advantage of Item storage. You can't carry a terribly large amount of items, but gathering a lot is key to powerful gear Enhancement. Storing everything you loot will help you stay lean and when visiting a smith, any Materials needed will be extracted directly from storage, so you don't need to have the items on you. Use your pawns as pack mules as well, if they die all they are holding will automatically go to your storage. Be mindful of giving them Weapons and Armor, however, as these items will be considered gifted to their owners. Combining is a great way to cut down on your inventory and craft valuable consumables.

Icon Dragon Forged Ferrystones and Portcrystals are extremely useful fast travel methods in the large world of Gransys. In the Dark Arisen version of the game, you start with an Eternal Ferrystone. Place portcrystals in locations that are long journeys on foot from Gran Soren and/or places you anticipate traveling to often. Portcrystals can be picked up and relocated.


Dragon's Dogma Vocations


Dragon's Dogma features 9 classes or also known as vocation. These will determine the skills that your character will have, the weapons they can use, and the augments they can learn. Each vocation has a specific stat growth pattern that can affect gameplay. There are a total of 9 vocations and players will start with the 3 basic ones, and progress as you level up. Players can switch their vocation anytime by visiting any of the available inns.

Changing vocations will initially cost Discipline Points on the first purchase but subsequent changes thereafter can be done for no cost. Switching vocations during the early phase of the game will allow you to develop each class fully. This can also help to find the best playstyle, skills, and weapons suitable for the player. Another thing to note is that, while Pawns have vocations as well, they are only limited to Basic and Advanced vocations. Hybrid vocations are not available to player pawns. 

choose vocation dragons dogma wiki guide

Changing your vocation


Changing vocations will initially cost Discipline Points on the first purchase but subsequent changes thereafter can be done for no cost. Players can do this by visiting Gran Soren Union Inn. Look for Asalam who can change your existing class. Each vocation has nine levels of progression and these will be preserved if you choose to switch over. You can also do this for your main Pawn by going to one of the many available Knowledge Chairs found in Inns and Rest Camps.

If you have Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, you can switch vocations by visiting Orla in the starting town of Cassardis.


Basic Vocations

icon Vocation Fighter Fighter

fighter vocations dragons dogma wiki guide 300px

A starting vocation. This class is well-suited for beginners and well-suited to survive melee combats. Uses Swords and Shields.

icon Vocation Strider Strider

strider vocations dragons dogma wiki guide 300px

A starting vocation similar to Fighter. Strong in both melee and range combat, but fragile. Uses Daggers, Bows, and medium Armor.

icon Vocation Mage Mage

mage vocation dragons dogma wiki guide 300px

A starting vocation. Beginner-friendly support that can cast offensive and defensive spells. Strong in ranged situations but will need melee assistance. Uses Staffs.


Advanced Vocations

icon Vocation Warrior Warrior

warrior vocations dragons dogma wiki guide 300px

Warriors use Longswords, Warhammers, and heavy armor. Strong in melee situations and will need party assistance with ranged enemies.

icon Vocation Ranger Ranger

ranger vocations dragons dogma wiki guide 300px

The Rangers use the same equipment as the Strider. They specialize in ranged and disruptive roles to deal burst and stun effects.

icon Vocation Sorcerer Sorcerer

sorcerer vocations dragons dogma wiki guide 300px

The Sorcerers use Archistaff and deal ultimate burst damage. They are adept at all forms of magick, including punishing, offensive spells.


Hybrid Vocations

icon Vocation Mystic Knight Mystic Knight

mystic knight dragons dogma wiki guide 300px

A versatile warrior who can deal melee and ranged damage, and assist with enchantments and support skills. Mystic Knights use swords, maces, staves, and magick shields.

icon Vocation Assassin Assassin

assassin vocations dragons dogma wiki guide 300px

Extremely fast attacks, high mobility, and strong in both melee and ranged situations. Assassins use swords, daggers, shields, and bows

icon Vocation Magick Archer Magick Archer

magick archer vocation dragon dogma wiki guide 300px

A well-rounded adventurer that can use a magick bow. They can launch ricochet shots and a master of homing magical arrows. Can also wield daggers and staves




Dragon's Dogma Pawn System


Icon Dragon Forged Choosing the Vocations of your Pawns is crucial to a balanced attack. Choose a pawn that compliments your selected vocation, so that you can support each other. If you choose a Fighter, consider making your pawn a Mage and vice versa. Your main pawn is more vital than the support pawns so design them with care.

Icon Dragon Forged Inclinations help determine a Pawn's behavior in all situations. The Main Pawn Inclinations are initially chosen by answering a set of questions during their creation. This can be modified by using the Knowledge Chair at Inns to adjust your main pawn's Inclinations to better match your desired playstyle, or purchase Elixirs from Johnathan's Rift Shop to alter them on the go.

Icon Dragon Forged Players may hire and release pawns at any time. You may also hire pawns of players on your friends list and there are ones available in The Rift. The cost of hiring a Pawn varies depending on their levels, skills & abilities. In the same way, your pawns may be hired by other players if you choose to.

Icon Dragon Forged When your pawn gets hired by other players, any experience gained by the pawn will be given to you as Rift Crystals. The longer the pawn gets hired, the more Rift Crystals you will receive.

Types of Inclinations

  • Nexus - The Pawn will aid other pawns in the party.
  • Medicant - The pawn will heal and keep the party alive.
  • Scather - The pawn will attack stronger enemies first.
  • Pioneer - The pawn will scout ahead and be on the lookout for incoming danger.
  • Acquisitor - The pawn will search the area for items regardless of the situation.
  • Mitigator - The pawn will attack weaker enemies first.
  • Guardian - The pawn will stay near and guard the Arisen.
  • Challenger - The pawn will attack enemies using ranged or magick first.
  • Utilitarian - The pawn will adapt its strategies to give allies advantages.


The Online System in Dragon's Dogma

 The Online Pawn System is accessible in The Rift scattered across the map. By accessing this, players can borrow or share pawns with each other. How it works:

Icon Dragon Forged A copy of your main pawn is uploaded to the server whenever you rest at the inn. Multiple players can hire the same pawn simultaneously, so your main pawn will always be with you. Each time you rest at the inn, your pawn updates its information with its current stats.

Icon Dragon Forged You can release Pawns using The Rift by using the Release command. They can be sent away with a gift for their creator, and then you can rate them based on Appearance, Helpfulness, and Battle.

Icon Dragon Forged Pawns with a higher level than you will cost more Rift Crystals to hire. Rift crystals may be gained by completing quests, killing major monsters, or looting fallen enemies.


Day and Night Cycle in Dragon's Dogma

The Day and Night Cycle is an in-game feature that operates on an unseen clock that governs the time of the day. Resting at inns is the most reliable way to refresh the clock. Players can choose to sleep until nighttime or daytime. As the day progresses, NPCs will go about their routines according to their schedules. The world experiences certain changes depending on the time of day.

Icon Dragon Forged  Day features and some elements that occur only during daytime:

The following flowers will bloom during the day:

Griffins will hunt during the day and will return to their nests at sunset.

Icon Dragon Forged  Night features and occurrences that happen only at night:


Equipment Enhancement

Enhancement in Dragon's Dogma is the process of using in-game items to upgrade equipment. Enhancing a weapon increases the damage output and stats like the ability to knock down or stagger enemies. Enhancing armor increases its defenses and resistance to knockdowns, stagger, and certain elemental damage. 

  • Each Enhancement level is given a star rating, with a single star Icon Upgrade Star as the first enhancement level.
  • Equipment can be enhanced up to 3 stars Icon Upgrade 3Stars.
  • Enhancements require gold and Items at each level. The cost and Items required at each level are specified in the game's Enhancement screen



Dragonforging is a process in which Armor and Weapons are strengthened in wyrmfire, which improves them beyond 3-star Enhancement. This can be done after slaying a dragon; upon the death of the dragon, all armor and weapons that the Arisen has equipped have a chance to become dragonforged. Dragonforged equipment is indicated by a wyrm icon Icon%20upgrade%20dragon%20forged.


Rarifying is a process that uses Items and Rift Crystals to enhance Dragonforged Equipment. An additional 2 levels of upgrading can be achieved through rarifying. Rarifying services are provided by Barroch, and rarified equipment is indicated by a dragon icon Icon silver rarified/Icon Gold Rarified. There are 2 levels of rarified items: Silver and Gold.


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