Purification is a method of cleansing cursed Items in Dragon's Dogma.

Purification of Cursed Items

Cursed items are items that are found in Bitteblack Isle and are unusable in their cursed state. They are organized into the following categories:

  • Armor: normal and vocation specific
  • Gear: Rings, vocation specific skill rings
  • Novelties: consumable Items, non-combat Equipment and knowledge Scrolls
  • Weapons: normal and vocation specific

Within these categories, they are ranked by levels, up to Level 3. The higher the level, the better the Equipment inside the curse. The items may be Secret Augments, high level Armor or Weapons with rare and powerful effects, and skill Rings.

Olra performs purification of cursed items in exchange for Rift Crystals

Vocation Specific Items

When purifying Armor and Weapons, some yield Equipment specific to Vocations. In this instance:
  • The purification is dependent on the vocation at the moment of Purification.
  • The Vocations of the Arisen AND the Main Pawn are factors in determining the Vocation of the purified item.
  • Vocation specific gear is color coded as follows:

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