Walkthrough for Dragon's Dogma. This page covers the path a player must take to arrive at endgame, post-game and new game plus. Dragon's Dogma has different endings, so make sure to understand them before making your selection!

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Follow the Stage by Stage of the Game Progression Stages for a complete start to finish walkthrough. Each stage features all the Main Story Quests and Side Quests that become available, and specifies which must be completed before moving on in the main story. Also included are important world events and changes to the inventory of Merchants. See the Quests page for Notice Board Quests which can be accepted and completed at your leisure.

Stage 1 is a game stage in Dragon's Dogma. It takes place from the start of the game until completion of the Main Story Quest Off With Its Head. Several Side Quests become available during this stage and some must be completed before moving on to the next stage, or they will be lost/failed. This page can be used as a progression checklist for events you do not want to miss, and for those looking to complete a perfect playthrough.

Stage 1 Information



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