Weapons in Dragon's Dogma are pieces of offensive equipment used by player's character to inflict damage to Enemies and Bosses in Combat. Each weapon can deal different types of damage, have different attack ranges and determine which skills you can equip. Weapons are limited by your Vocation, therefore you should be mindful of the available options before selecting.



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Weapon Information

Weapon Types

Dragon's Dogma offers a total of 257 individual weapons to choose from, each with their own unique attributes and playstyles. Weapons can be obtained as quest rewards, purchased at merchants, found in chests around the Gransys and Bitterblack Isle, or dropped by bosses. 

Melee weapons include Daggers, Longswords, Maces, Swords, and Warhammers, all of which have their own strengths and weaknesses. Daggers are fast and precise, Longswords and Warhammers ae slow but deal heavy damage and knock enemies down, Maces are slow but have high damage and stagger. Swords and balanced and versatile.

Ranged weapons include Longbows, Magick Bows, and Shortbows. Longbows have a long range and deal more damage, Magick Bows deal elemental damage and have unique magick abilities, Shortbows are fast and accurate.

Level Requirements

Although weapons in Dragon's Dogma don't have any listed level requirements, they do have a hidden required level for characters to wield the weapon without penalties. The game will warn you when you try to equip a higher level weapon on a lower level character, however, this will most likely only happen in specific situations, such as accepting a high level weapon from another player as a gift. When a character has a higher level weapon equipped, they will consume more stamina than usual when using the weapon.

In addition to level requirements, each weapon type has its own set of skills that can only be learned and mastered at certain levels. As a player progresses, they will unlock new weapon skills and be able to create more powerful weapons through crafting and upgrading.


Upgrading Weapons

Guide to Upgrading

How to Upgrade Weapons

Weapons can be first upgraded through Enhancement. Weapons are enhanced through combining weapons with Materials dropped by enemies or found while exploring. Any weapon upgraded this way will gain a star rating up to the maximum of 3 stars. Weapons can then be further upgraded through Dragonforging, in which any weapon equipped when the party kills a dragon has a chance of being dragonforged. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen introduced a final way to upgrade equipment after Dragonforging - Rarifying. Similar to Enhancement, weapons can be rarified by combining them with Materials and Rift Crystals.

Where to Upgrade Weapons

The following Merchants and NPCs provide Enhancement services



Types of Upgrading


Enhancement is the process of using Items to upgrade Equipment such as Weapons and Armor. Enhancing a Weapon increases it's damage output and ability to knockdown or stagger Enemies, and in some cases, gives the Weapon the ability to inflict certain Debilitations, while Enhancing a piece of Armor increases it's defenses and resistances to knockdown, stagger, and certain Elemental Damage and Debilitations. This page covers all aspects of Enhancement in Dragon's Dogma.

First enhancement level: Icon Upgrade Star

Second enhancement level: Icon Upgrade StarIcon Upgrade Star

Third enhanced level: Icon Upgrade StarIcon Upgrade StarIcon Upgrade Star


Dragonforging is a means by which players can enhance Weapons and Armor beyond the normal 3 Star Enhancement rating achieved through traditional Enhancement. Rather than using Items, Dragonforging is achieved by slaying a Dragon. Upon death of the Dragon, all the Armor and Weapons the player has equipped have a chance to become Dragonforged. 

Dragonforged gear is indicated in the equipment menu by a wyrm icon: dragonforged icon weapons dragon's dogma wiki


Rarifying is a means by which players can enhance Weapons and Armor beyond the normal 3 Star Enhancement and Dragonforging. Rarifying uses Items and Rift Crystals to enhance Dragonforged items an additional 2 rarified levels. Only Barroch provides Rarifying services, and equipment must already be Dragonforged before being Rarified.

The 2 levels are:

  • Silver Rarified denoted by Icon silver rarified
  • Gold Rarified denoted by Icon Gold Rarified


Weapon Skills Guide

What are Weapon Skills

Weapon Skills are skills that are specific to certain vocations based on the weapons they use. Each weapon class has it's own set of skills, which can be learned and bought using Discipline Points that are earned in battles and quests. These skills are tied to both weapons and vocations. Though some skills can be shared between vocations, some are unique to certain vocations.

How to Get Weapon Skills

To obtain skills, you need to spend Discipline Points which can be earned by gaining experience from defeating enemies and finishing quests. The game awards Discipline Points generously, so players are encouraged to switch between vocations and playstyles, and freely experiment with skills during their playthrough.

Where to Get Weapon Skills

Similar to vocations, skills can be purchased and managed at inns like the Union Inn in Gran Soren. When deciding which skills to buy, players should consider the playstyle they want to pursue in their current vocation, as well as any playstyles they may want to try in the future since many skills can be shared across vocations.


weapon skills dragons dogma wiki guide


Weapon Skills 




Dragon's Dogma Weapons


Archistaves | Daggers | Longbows | Longswords | Maces | Magick Bows | Magick Shields | Shields | Shortbows | Staves | Swords | Warhammers

Weapons with an asterisk* are only available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


Dragon's Dogma All Archistaves






Dragon's Dogma All Daggers






Dragon's Dogma All Longbows



Dragon's Dogma All Longswords


gryphic victory gold black longswords weapons dragons dogma wiki guide
Gryphic Gold

gryphic victory gold black longswords weapons dragons dogma wiki guide
Gryphic Victory

iraklis longswords weapons dragons dogma wiki guide

bitter end lancers sword golden aneled lance longswords dragons dogma wiki guide
Lancer's Sword

lifetaker soultaker soulbreaker longswords weapons dragons dogma wiki guide

bolt bringer gransys cassardi flamberge malignance longswords weapons dragons dogma wiki guide


rusted greatsword longswords weapons dragons dogma wiki guide
Rusted Greatsword

saving grace longswords weapons dragons dogma wiki guide
Saving Grace

lifetaker soultaker soulbreaker longswords weapons dragons dogma wiki guide

lifetaker soultaker soulbreaker longswords weapons dragons dogma wiki guide

steel greatsword longswords weapons dragons dogma wiki guide
Steel Greatsword

thousandlimbs longswords weapons dragons dogma wiki guide


two hander longsword weapons dragons dogma wiki guide

ardent will war blade longswords weapons dragons dogma wiki guide
War Blade

wounded heart longswords weapons dragons dogma wiki guide
Wounded Heart


Dragon's Dogma All Maces






Dragon's Dogma All Magick Bows



Dragon's Dogma All Magick Shields




Dragon's Dogma All Shields





Dragon's Dogma All Shortbows




Dragon's Dogma All Staves






Dragon's Dogma All Swords






Dragon's Dogma All Warhammers







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