Skills in Dragon's Dogma determine a character's abilities in battle, they are closely tied to Vocations. To purchase skills, you must use Discipline Points which are earned as a portion of the experience you earn from killing Enemies and completing Quests. You can buy and manage skills at the Union Inn in Gran Soren. Skills are gated behind levels, so you will need to level up and gain proficiency in your vocation to unlock a skill, however it will remain unlocked on other vocations even if you have not yet unlocked them there.

There are several types of skills, being offensive melee, ranged or magic, defensive and healing or buffing. Weapon Skills are supplemented by Core Skills and Augments, which are upgrades to the skill based on vocations.

Skills By Vocation

Vocation Weapon Skills: Most of your weapon skill choices will be determined first by the Vocations you select to play as. As a result, viewing the skills organized by vocation is the best method for planning a current or future build. The Vocation Weapon Skills page is designed for easy side by side comparison.

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