Quests in Dragon's Dogma are various tasks and missions that a player can take up throughout the game. Main Quests are required to be done to complete the game whereas Side Quests, Notice Board Quests, and DLC Quests aren't required. Main Quests are usually unlocked automatically by playing through the main campaign, whereas other Quests can be unlocked during a series of events, or by interacting with certain NPCs. Completing a Quest grants various rewards that can aid the player throughout their journey including gold, Items and Equipment. Visit Quest Items to find a list of items required for the completion of certain Quests.

Completing Quests at certain points within the main Quest line triggers Game Progression Stages in the game world which affect the availability of Side Quests and Merchants inventory. It is important to consult the Game Progression Stages before completing Main Story Quests to ensure that specific Side Quests are not missed, and to know when to expect the inventory of Merchants to change. Notice Board Quests are job type Quests which can be found at several Notice Boards in the Locations of Gransys.

 This page covers a full list of all the Quests found in Dragon's Dogma.

Dragon's Dogma Quests

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