High Frazil

Ice Based Skills
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700 DP
Staves / Archistaves

High Frazil is a Skill in Dragon's Dogma.

High Frazil Information

"An advanced form of Frazil that creates an expanded field of cold around the user that deals ice damage to those it touches."


  • While held, it is an AOE attack that does not deal any damage, but has a chance of Freezing enemies.
  • The AOE zone is bigger than Frazil.
  • You may move around while holding the zone of "cold". However this uses stamina and the skill will cancel if you run out of stamina.
  • When released, enemies targetted are frozen and the attack also deals moderate Frost damage (magickal) to any enemies caught in the frontal cone area.
  • The released "wave" does twice as much damage as Frazil.
  • While frozen, the enemies are quasi-staggered, in that they are vulnerable to physical attacks from other party members and their attacks may be interrupted by the Freezing.
  • Most effectively used as a "cast and blast" attack to stunlock enemies while having your party members swoop in for the bigger hits.

Upgrades To

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