Locations Overview for Dragon's Dogma. This page shows all the locations and towns in the land of Gransys as well as locations in other kingdoms. You may navigate to each specific page to find out more about the locale and its available Quests, services and Items.

The main story of Dragon's Dogma takes place in the province of Gransys, located within the context of a larger world, including a populated mainland. Gransys itself is a lush fantasy landscape with varied topography, including forests, mountains and canyons, rivers and beaches. At night, the land's more dangerous inhabitants roam the country.

How do I fast travel in Dragon's Dogma?

Players can teleport around Gransys using Ferrystones and Portcrystals. Portcrystals act as anchors for teleportation. Some are permanent and placed in set locations by default while some can be found and picked up as Items, allowing the player to pick and choose which places they have fast access to. Ferrystones are single-use Items that allow teleportation to existing Portcrystals. If no Portcrystals have been put down by the player, using a Ferrystone will teleport them to Gran Soren by default.


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Dragon's Dogma List of Locations

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Regions in Gransys


Locations in Gransys








Inaccessible Locations

These Locations are inaccessible in-game but are mentioned by certain NPCs:




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