Rarifying is one of three methods of upgrading Equipment in Dragon's Dogma. Other methods of upgrading equipment are Enhancement and Dragonforging.

Dragon's Dogma Rarifying

Rarifying is a means by which players can enhance Weapons and Armor beyond the normal 3 Star Enhancement and Dragonforging. Rarifying uses Items and Rift Crystals to enhance Dragonforged items an additional 2 rarified levels.

It costs a total of 5418500 RC to rarefy at least one of every piece of equipment (3863500 RC for every weapon, 1555000 RC for every armor)

The 2 levels are:

  • Silver Rarified denoted by Icon silver rarified
  • Gold Rarified denoted by Icon Gold Rarified


Dragon's Dogma Rarifying Requirements


Dragon's Dogma Items Used in Rarifying

The following are items that are used in the Rarifying process. Click on them for a detailed description and how to obtain them.

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