New Game Plus in Dragon's Dogma takes place after completion of the Main Story Quests, and begins a brand new game with certain changes. New Game Plus becomes available after completing the quest The Great Hereafter. It is selected by choosing "Load Cleared Game" after the final credits have rolled.

New Game Plus Information

The game resets back to the beginning, with the following elements carrying over:

  • Your Arisen's appearance stays the same.
  • You retain your vocations.
  • You retain your level, experience and Skills.
  • All of your currency (Gold and Rift Crystals) carries over.
  • All of your inventory of Equipment carries over.
  • Explored areas of the map remain unfogged and Portcrystals carry over.
  • Similarly all of your main Pawn's attributes and equipment carry over.

You will begin the game again in a Set of Fisherman's Garb and will select an initial vocation. After the initial encounter with the Dragon occurs you will be able to recollect your inventory at an inn. You can reselect the higher and hybrid Vocations at the Union Inn in Gran Soren, or at Olra on Bitterblack Isle once you have reconnected with your main Pawn.

Changes in New Game Plus


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