New Game Plus in Dragon's Dogma takes place after completion of the Main Story Quests, and begins a brand new game with certain changes and some aspects carried over from the cleared file. New Game Plus only becomes available if the player is able to complete the quest The Great Hereafter, and experience the final ending of the game. After the final cutscenes and after the credits finish rolling, the player will be notified that a "Cleared" save file exists.  Choosing to load this clear file will effectively start the New Game Plus. For an overall different experience, the player can choose Hard Mode for their New Game Plus playthrough.

Dragon's Dogma New Game Plus Helpful Links

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New Game Plus in Dragon's Dogma

After loading the cleared save file, the game will bring you back to Cassardis at the beginning of all the events in the game. The player will begin the game again in a Set of Fisherman's Garb and will select an initial vocation. Only the basic Vocations will be available at first. However, after the initial encounter with the Dragon occurs and the player is once again chosen to become Arisen they will be able to recollect their inventory at an inn. The player can now also reselect the more advanced Vocations at the Union Inn in Gran Soren and find all the Vocations available again. Alternatively, this can be done with Olra at the Bitterblack Isle with the Dark Arisen DLC after the player reconnects with their main Pawn.

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Dragon's Dogma New Game Plus: Changes and What's Carried Over

What is changed in New Game Plus?

Notice Board Requests

Any quests you've cleared on the previous cleared run are reset. This means the player has the chance to complete any quests they weren't able to complete before. The following creature-hunt Quests are also available that weren't on the first run:

  • Burden of Proof (Saurians)
  • Destruction
  • Eradication
  • Fears of a Pawn
  • Suppresion (higher reward)

The Black Cat

The Black Cat now sells Portcrystals in addition to all its previous wares.


There is now a new Riftstone available for use at Starfall Bay in Cassardis, allowing easy travel to and from the Ur-Dragon.

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What is carried over in New Game Plus?


The player Arisen will retain how they appeared when they ended the game. This means whatever appearance the player created through Character Creation, or through the use of the Secret to Metamorphosis item will be seen at the beginning of New Game Plus.


All Vocations unlocked in the previous cleared run of the game will be retained in New Game Plus.


All the progress with the Vocations' Skills and Augments are carried over. The player Arisen also retains their overall level and experience points.


The amount of Gold and Rift Crystals the player had in the cleared run are carried over.


All Items and Equipment in the player's Inventory menu are carried over, along with any Enhancements.


All shops the player has visited and nurtured all retain their states from the end of the previous run.


All areas in the map, as well as Places & Locations, are not reset upon beginning a New Game Plus, including any Portcrystals placed.

Main Pawn

Any of the above aspects that are applicable to the player's Main Pawn is retained as well.


Enemies' spawn locations are subject to normal progress in the game. Experience points gained when slaying them are not changed, and they are not made any stronger in New Game Plus.


New Game Plus: Farming the Ur-Dragon

The Ur-dragon is a side boss that can be found in the Chamber of Lament in the Everfall. As you retain your accumulated power from the first run, and a new Riftstone can transfer the player right to the encounter, New Game Plus is a great setting for the player to farm the Ur-Dragon. The natural content to tackle after beating the game as well would be the contents of the Dark Arisen DLC, which contains much stronger enemies and difficult bosses. Seeing as beating the Ur-Dragon was the best way to obtain Endgame gear before the Dark Arisen was released, farming it seems to be the natural way to prepare for the DLC. The player can fight the Ur-Dragon either in Offline Mode or Online Mode. 

Farming the Ur-Dragon in Offline Mode

In Offline Mode, the Ur-Dragon has a health pool that can be appropriately tackled by just one player. As in both versions, it has a total of 30 hearts glowing through its massive body. Destroying each heart earns the player certain drops, and it is the best way to damage the enemy. While its health pool is not as impossible to beat as its online counterpart, players should still take appropriate measures to prepare. As mentioned before, beating the Ur-Dragon was the best way to get the best loot before the DLC was released, so it follows that it would've been the hardest boss to beat at the time. If needed, the player should beat some or all rooms in Everfall to prepare. Successfully vanquishing the dragon earns the player a large number of experience points, currency, 20 Wakestones, a Holy-Based Weapon, other items like Ferrystones and Seeker's Tokens, and a chance for their enhanced equipment to become Dragonforged. Afterward, the player can simply exit through the door where they came from by accessing the Riftstone, then click on the Riftstone again, and then proceed to kill the three Pawns that spawn on the bridge to farm the encounter as much as needed.


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Then you have come... Very well, Arisen.


Online Mode makes the Ur-Dragon have an enormous health pool, as it should be tackled globally by other players as well, with their own Arisen. Any player who has contributed to the damage dealt to the dragon will get rewards in accordance with their contribution. However, only the player whose Arisen party deals the finishing blow will get the premium rewards. When the Ur-Dragon is slain, there will be a grace period wherein anyone who attempts to fight in through the Online Mode will encounter instead a weaker dragon with a much smaller health pool, and killing this version of the Ur-Dragon will reap great loot and other rewards. As the reward timing is dependent on other players, Online Mode seems unreliable for farming the Ur-Dragon.

Notes, Tips, and Trivia

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