Dark Arisen Information

It was released on April 23rd 2013 in America,25th April in Japan and 26th April in Europe. The game is available on digital for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and on disk (1 Blu-ray for PS3 and 2 DVDs for 360). The game includes all of the DLC previously available for the original game as well as a few incentives for the owners for the previous game including 100,000 rift crystals ,an Eternal Ferrystone and the Gransys Armour pack which contains Cosplay Armour for various NPCs in the game.

The expansion introduces a new island called the Bitterblack isle which is accessed by talking to Olra on the pier of the starting town Cassardis .She will bring you by boat to the Bitterblack Isle.

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