The Rift in Dragon's Dogma is an ethereal realm that exists parallel to the world that can only be accessed through special rift stones which can be found scattered around the map. It is a place where the player can summon and hire other player's pawns or NPC pawns of various types of vocations that supports your character and help you on your travels. Players will be able to gain access to the Rift once you have completed the quest Call of the Arisen through Rift Stones.


Rift Stone Information 

Rift stones are small, blue glowing stones that act as portals to the Rift, where only the Arisen has access to go through that allows them to pick and choose which pawn they would like to hire with the in game currency known as Rift crystals. They are scattered around various locations around Gransys and Bitterblack Isle.

The first significant interaction between the Arisen and the rift stone is when you get the quest Call of the Arisen. To which after you interact with the rift stone, you can customize your main pawn and hire up to two other pawns in the Rift to support the players adventure.


Well met, Arisen. Can you hear our voice?



Rift crystal Information

johnathan rift dragon's dogma wiki

Rift Crystals in Dragon's Dogma are the currency for hiring Pawns found within and outside of the Rift. They are also used to enhance weapons and armor through a process called purification. In addition to weapon and armor enhancements, Rift Crystals can also be used to purchase special items such as elixirs, jewelry, armor, and other valuable resources that are hard to get throughout the game from Johnathan at Johnathan's Rift Shop located at the Command Headquarters in The Encampment.


Players will be able to access Johnathan's Rift Shop once the quest A Rude Awakening has been completed and is active at all hours of the day.


Arisen... I am honored to make your acquaintance. This pawn is known as Johnathan. I am a collector of items from other realms.


Rift Stone Locations

There are a total of 20 rift stones in Dragon's Dogma. There are 10 located in Gransys and 10 located in Bitterblack Isle. However, 9 of the stones in Bitterblack Isle are broken and need to be repaired before the player is able to gain access to it by paying the repair cost with rift crystals.


All Gransys Rift Stones


  • Location: Near the main gate, next to the barn


The Mountain Waycastle

  • Location: At the Southern gate, next to the tents


Gran Soren

Deos Hills

Windworn Valley


Barta Crags

Devilfire Grove


Wilted Forest

  • Location: Outside The Abbey by the entrance



All Bitterblack Isle Rift Stones 

Bitterblack Isle

  • Location: By the harbor
  • Repair Cost: Undamaged

Ward of Regret

  • Location: Southern are behind some gates
  • Repair Cost: 3,500 RC

The Warriors' Respite

  • Location: By the healing spring
  • Repair Cost: 5,000 RC


Corridor of Emptiness

  • Location: Through the gated area
  • Repair Cost: 5,000 RC

Fortress of Remembrance

  • Location: First Level Underground
  • Repair Cost: 15,000 RC

Forsaken Cathedral

  • Location: On the First Floor
  • Repair Cost: 15,000 RC


Corridor of the Hallowed

  • Location: Through the gated area
  • Repair Cost: 10,000 RC

The Arisen's Refuge

  • Location:  At the very end of the room
  • Repair Cost: 25,000 RC

Sparyard of Scant Mercy

  • Location: Down the stairs 
  • Repair Cost: 25,000 RC


The Fallen City

  • Location: Next to the door to Bitterblack Sanctum
  • Repair Cost: 35,000 RC


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