The Rift

Within the game the Rift will become the place for the player to go to when looking to hire other player's pawns and NPC pawns that can be used in the game. Here you will be able to find pawns of various different types of vocations that will be able to help you on your travels.

Rift Stones

Rift Stones are special portals in specific locations in Dragon's Dogma.

Rift Stone Information

Rift Stones are portals in which the player character Arisen can access the realm of Pawns known as The Rift. Once in The Rift, Arisen can search for specific pawns, and hire and release new ones.

Rift Stone Locations

There are 9 Rift Stones located in Gransys and a further 10 located in Bitterblack Isle. 9 of the stones in Bitterblack Isle are broken and need to be repaired before they can be used by paying Rift Crystals.

All Gransys Rift Stones


  • Location: Near the main gate


  • Location: In the command tent

Gran Soren



  • Location: Outside the main entrance

Bluemoon Tower

  • Location: Outside of the tower

Greatwall Encampment

  • Location: Next to the gate


Devilfire Grove

  • Location: Rest camp, near Jayce

Traveler's Rest

The Abbey

  • Location: Outside, by the entrance


All Bitterblack Isle Rift Stones

Bitterblack Isle

  • Repair Cost: Functioning

Ward of Regret

  • Repair Cost: 3,500 RC

The Warriors' Respite

  • Repair Cost: 5,000 RC


Corridor of Emptiness

  • Repair Cost: 5,000 RC

Fortress of Remembrance

  • Repair Cost: 15,000 RC

Forsaken Cathedral

  • Repair Cost: 15,000 RC


Corridor of the Hallowed

  • Repair Cost: 10,000 RC

The Arisen's Refuge

  • Repair Cost: 25,000 RC

Sparyard of Scant Mercy

  • Repair Cost: 25,000 RC


The Fallen City

  • Repair Cost: 35,000 RC

Rift Crystals

Known as the currency for hiring Pawns found within and outside of the Rift. Rift Crystals can be earned through a multitude of ways such as having your pawn being hired on by another player, being given to you as a reward for the completion of Side Quests, or defeating monsters found around Gransys. Along with hiring pawns with Rift Crystals the player will also be able to use the crystals in order to purchase items at the Jonathan's Rift Shop located at the Encampment. The shop is located by the Rift Stone in the large tent.

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