The Pawn Community of Dragon's Dogma welcomes you! The Pawn Community in Dragon's Dogma is a system for connecting with other players in a game with no traditional multiplayer. Here, the community can have tons of fun by sharing their Pawns. Imagine the diversity or depth that one can experience if everyone will contribute. Each adventure will be unique from one another. Ultimately, taking your adversaries may be at ease or one does want a different taste of each and one of it. On the other hand, everyone can observe the basics of how the Pawn System works with the help of images and brief explanations of its features. Or, one can visit this link for more intricate information regarding Pawns.


Our fealty is sworn to you, Arisen. - Pawns


What Are Pawns in Dragon's Dogma?

According to the game's content, Pawns are entities from another realm that lack emotion and free will. Their entire existence is shaped by the Arisen and they will follow them to the end of their lives. Physically, they are similar to humans except for a glowing scar on their right hand that calls to an Arisen.

What is a Main Pawn in Dragon's Dogma?

After gaining knowledge about Rift Stones, you can create a customized Pawn that will accompany you throughout the game. This Pawn will be the only one that can be personalized and leveled up by you. Although you can change your Pawn's vocation, however, limited to Basic and Advanced Vocations. Treat it as your main companion in the game. This is also the Pawn that can be registered online and let other players use them.

What Can You Expect From This Page?

  • On this page, you will be learning the basics of the Pawn System in Dragon's Dogma.
  • Know the difference between Offline and Online Pawns.
  • What is a Main Pawn?
  • How can one create their first main Pawn?
  • Where to find the first Real Rift Stone.
  • How to complete the first Rift Stone Trial.
  • How to customize your Pawn.
  • Helpful tips when trying to beat the Cyclops.
  • Know how does The Rift Works?
  • Know the Answer to recent FAQs.
  • How to update your pawns
  • Consist of helpful video guides and more.
  • How can you contribute?

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Dragon's Dogma Pawn Community Guide

How To Access The First Riftstone In Dragon's Dogma?

Rift Stones Foundations

In the game, the Rift serves as a hub where players can hire other players' Pawns and NPC Pawns to assist them on their journey. Here, you can find Pawns of different vocations who can provide various types of support to aid you on your travels. The first Rift Stone that a player can access is located in the village of Cassardis.

This is where you start your journey and access your main Pawn. So players will not have the endure that long to summon a trustee companion. But note that this pawn is non-customizable. Rest assured it is hard to miss this as the first stone is located near the gate. To make your first pawn, you need to head to the next location the Encampment.


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How To Find The First Real Rift Stone In Dragon's Dogma?

Please note that the user " The Ein " provided his consent in using the following videos below.

Locating The Encampment

You started the game and I heard you want to know how to create your first pawn. Note that the first Rift Stone in the village of Cassardis will only provide you with a pre-determined pawn named Rook. To access your first real Rift Stone where you can make your real Main Pawn, you need to locate in the Encampment near the village of Cassardis. Here's a brief step-by-step guide on how to locate the place. Or you can watch the video here for a glance at the location.

  • Exit Cassardis from its main gate.
  • Traverse the long road ahead of you and this is a straightforward path.
  • You will encounter goblins while on your way, but it is easy to deal with them.
  • Continue the path and eventually, you will find the gate of the encampment.


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Completing The First Rift Stone Trial

The Trial

You arrived at our target location which is the Encampment. Now, it is time for your trial. The Rift Stone will prove your worth by giving you a trial. Before you can access your Pawns. Note that you will need to beat a boss at this stage which is the Cyclops. Don't fret, this is an easy task. You will be asked to eliminate a treat in the Encampment, complete the task and your pawns will be yours. A step-by-step guide has been provided and a video to grasp everything with ease.

  • Find the Rift Stone in the encampment.
  • Touch it and accept the trial.
  • Head outside the encampment to find the Cyclops
  • Defeat the Cyclops.
  • You completed the trial.


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Defeating The Cyclops With More Tips

The Strategy

Normally this would be an easy fight since technically, this is your first real boss in the game. Since your fight with the Dragon firsthand was a staged one or part of the story. And also, this boss can be beaten without using any new weapons and equipment, your standard ones will do.

  • At the start of the battle, focus on the Goblins first. Clearing them is a huge help so NPCs around you can constantly focus on the Cyclops.
  • Dish out a few hits and be strategic with your attacks. So don't be greedy and plan it out.
  • Try to climb on it and reach its head for more damage.
  • If it falls, continue attacking its head and eventually, you will win the fight.

For a better visual understanding, please refer to the video above, the fight was trivially completed with ease.

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How Can I Make My First Pawn After The Trial?

Post Cyclops Battle 

So you are eager to make your first pawn? After all that ruckus and hardships! Then you are indeed worthy to have one after completing the first trial. Now, head back to the Encampment and touch the stone. It will lead you to The Rift and finally make your Main Pawn. A video has been provided for pawn creation as well but here are the basic things about pawns and one can customize the following. While for more information about Pawns in general. Check the Pawns section of this wiki.




What Does Online Rift Looks Like in Dragon's Dogma?

The Online Rift

Having an internet connection is a perk, as you can access it with a handful of online Pawns designed and built by your fellow players. Inside The Rift, Pawns will start to appear including the ones you have. Check each and one of them to potentially fill in your needs. An example of this is, if your party is heavy on physical damage, you might want to add magic damage in general for versatility. With the provided video one will have a visual idea of it. What to expect from this feature?

  • Wide selections of Pawns from other players.
  • Pawns classifications from top to lowest ranked ones.
  • Hire and release pawns accordingly



What To Expect From Online & Offline Pawns in Dragon's Dogma?

Pawns ( Online )

The Basics

Whether you're exploring The Rift or not, you can encounter a diverse range of pawns that are available to be hired. While some of these pawns can be found within the Rift, others can be found wandering the roads around Gransys and can also be hired It's important to note that you can hire pawns below your character's level for free while traveling. Additionally, having them in your party can increase the amount of experience points you gain from battles.

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Pawns do give items to you every time they return to your side when from the rift. These items are helpful in your journey. Online pawns may progress significantly. Some players prefer to progress that way so if you are one of them, having an internet connection is a perk. Not only that, players can also enjoy the creativity of other players since every weapon, and armor set to their main pawns are visible on your end. A lot of players do enjoy this feature so better make your pawn as enjoyable as possible.

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May affect one self's experience as you can access different types of builds right off the bat. Some people love to preserve their firsthand experience. Consider playing in offline mode if you are one of them. For example, lots of instances where hard fights will be sometimes trivial due to your summons or pawns. There is a handful of people that are like this hence, it is a good thing that players do have an option on which path should they take.

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Pawns ( Offline )

The Basics

Similar to the Pawns available in Online mode, you can also switch to Offline mode and hire pawns. However, these pawns will have predetermined equipment and their armor will only vary based on their vocation. Expect nondiversified pawns compared to online ones. However, underestimating offline pawns is not necessary. They can still be a huge help in countless situations.


An Internet connection is not a must-have. Some players play in remote areas hence, an online connection is not possible for them. As mentioned, you can assure that your firsthand experience will be tight in terms of progression. Since your pawns will have predetermined equipment.


If you want diversity, you will not see it on offline pawns. These pawns had predetermined equipment depending on their Vocations or class in this game. Plus, if you are the type who relies heavily on outside help to progress, offline pawns may give you limited options.


About Hiring & Releasing Pawns In Dragon's Dogma

Helpful Tips

Here are some tips that may clarify common concerns regarding releasing and hiring pawns in the game.

  • One can obtain pawns by either finding them in the game world or accessing The Rift via a Rift Stone.
  • Hiring pawns that are of a higher level than oneself requires Rift Crystals.
  • However, Pawns belonging to friends on the player's list can always be hired for free, irrespective of their level.
  • To keep a pawn while hiring another, the player can approach the pawn they want to retain and select the Toggle Retain Pawn option.



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More Tips for Releasing Pawns

  • Pawns can be released manually within The Rift by using the Release command. The player can send them away with a gift for their creator and rate them based on their appearance, Helpfulness, and Battle performance. Additionally, a comment can be added while releasing the pawn.
  • If a pawn dies during gameplay, they will be automatically released from the party. A dead pawn will not have the option to receive any gifts, and they will receive an average rating automatically.
  • If the player's party is already full, they can exchange a pawn by hiring a new one, which will trigger them to choose a pawn to release. Once the player has made their choice, they will follow the same steps as with manual release, and the selected pawn will be released. This is the only instance where a pawn can be manually released from outside of The Rift.



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FAQs About Pawns in Dragon's Dogma

How Can I Register My Pawn Online?

Any changes made to your Pawn's equipment or skills will be automatically uploaded to its online profile when you rest at an inn. Your Main Pawn can also be hired by other players, and upon returning to you, it brings back some loot as well.

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How many Pawns I can Summon?

During the game, you will create a Main Pawn that will serve as your permanent companion. In addition, you can summon up to two additional support Pawns to form a party of four.

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Where Can I Find Rift Crystals?

Rift Crystals serve as the currency for hiring Pawns, both within and outside of The Rift. Players can earn Rift Crystals through various means, such as having their own pawn hired by another player, receiving them as a reward for completing side quests, or defeating monsters throughout Gransys.

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