The Pawn Community is a system for connecting with other players in a game with no traditional multiplayer. See the Pawns page for details on pawns.

Pawns (On-Line)

When either in the Rift or not the you will be able to find a variety of different pawns to hire. While many of these pawns can be found within the Rift you can also find pawns wandering around on the roads around Gransys, these pawns are also available for hire.
One thing to keep in mind while hiring pawns during your travels is that pawns below your character's level can be hired on for free, and along with this having them within your party you will be allowed to gain a larger amount of xp from battles.

Pawns (Off-Line)

A lot like the pawns that can be found on On-Line mode you can also switch to off-line mode and still hire on pawns. However these pawns will have pre-determined gear and their armor will only vary based on the vocation that they are.

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