Arisen in Dragon's Dogma is the name given to the player character.


Chosen by the dragon Grigori, and separated from his heart, the Arisen is tasked with bringing about the end of the dragon, despite their inseparable connection to one another. As the Arisen, you will make choices that profoundly affect that landscape around you. There are multiple other known Arisens in the world:

The quality and fate of the Arisen is similar to that of the Dragon. Immortal and ageless unless vanquished in combat and both the dragon and the Arisen are mentally linked via the the removal of the Arisen's heart. When the dragon dies, all Arisen who have not reclaimed their hearts will age in accordance with the time that had elapsed since losing their hearts. In some cases, this will result in death or severe old age.

In game, the Arisen quickly become powerful characters who decide the fate of the land of Gransys by learning and improving upon Vocations, Augments, Skills. They make use of increasingly powerful Weapons and Armor which they reinforce through Enhancement to take down powerful Enemies.

All Arisen are able to enlist the servitude of Pawns who are otherwordly beings. Each Arisen travels with a main pawn who is unfailingly loyal and will modify its behavior to suit the wishes of the Arisen.

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