Dragon's Dogma was originally released on consoles, and only recently ported over to the computer platform. Noticeable differences will be listed on this page when they are known. Feel free to make edits and add your observations!

  • Pricing: Console version of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen retails for 15-19 USD. PC version is USD 30
  • Resolution: The console version is for older consoles and maxes at 720p /30FPS, PC version has 4K 60FPS
  • Controls: Control setup is highly versatile on the PC version, allowing for Keyboard and Mouse and for plug-in controller
  • Gameplay:
    • Some items are not available on the PC version. They are noted on the equipment pages on this wiki.
    • The DLC is bundled into the PC version. DLC Quests and Items are available
    • Pawns on the PC version are not as sofisticated yet due to the recent launch
    • Mods available on the PC version allow improved graphics
    • Mods available on the PC version allow for customizations to character and enemy environments

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