Deathly Arrow

Longbow Skills
800 DP

Deathly Arrow is a Skill in Dragon's Dogma.

Deathly Arrow Information

"An advanced form of a Dire Arrow that focuses the user's strength into an even more powerful shot equal to the amount of time spent charging."


  • Unlike other skills, the timing is crucial here. The power of the shot is determined by when you release it.
  • Releasing it as soon as a bar is filled, makes a the user flash white, indicating an "ideal/perfect" shot for that tier.
  • If release prematurely or too late, the shot will do only slightly more damage than a normal shot.
  • You are unable to move while charging this ability.
  • Has a great chance of causing Knockdown with well-timed shots.
  • Damage dealt (relative to a normal, uncharged shot with a longbow) :
    • An undercharged shot does 0.5x the damage.
    • At the First charge level, shot taken will deal 2x damage.
    • Between the First and Second charge level, shot taken will deal 1.25x~1.50x damage
    • At the Second charge level, shot taken will deal 2.5x damage. A perfectly timed shot at that charge level can deal up to 8x damage on small enemies.
    • Beyond the second charge level, the charge time and stamina is simply wasted as the shot deals almost the same amount of damage.

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