Debilitations in Dragon's Dogma are negative status conditions which can afflict characters and monsters. They are caused be attacks, skills, items, monsters and the environment.



  • Character loses 24 HP every second. Caused by fire spells, fire weapons, dragon's spit, dragonkin's fire breath and by standing in fire.


  • Character takes double damage from fire-based attacks and will be caught on fire after hit. Caused by Flask of Oil , Saurian attacks and Aneled weapons.


  • Character takes double damage from ice and thunder attacks, but takes less damage from fire attacks. Being drenched also increases chances of being frozen. Caused by being submerged in water, throwing Flask of Water , Ceramic Jug , and having a phantom move through you.



  • Character takes double damage from all attacks. Caused by Ice spells and ice breath from monsters.


  • Character cannot act for a period of time as they drop to the ground. Caused by lightning spells.


  • When the player character is blinded, the screen goes dark, when other characters are afflicted they appear to attack at random. Caused by throwing items like Festival Pie, monster attacks and Blearing.



  • Character's attributes drop by 40% and the character takes 40% more damage. Caused by monster attacks, traps, Perdition and throwing Skulls

Icon-Debilitation-lowered-defense.pngLowered Defense

  • Character takes 30% more physical damage. Caused by monster attacks, Skills, and consuming some Items.

Icon-Debilitation-lowered-magick.pngLowered Magick

  • Character's magick power is lowered by 30%. Caused by monster attacks, [Skills]] and consuming some Items


Icon-Debilitation-lowered-magick-defense.pngLowered Magick Defense

  • Characer takes 30% more magickal damage. Casued by monster attacks, Skills and consuming some Items.

Icon-Debilitation-lowered-strength.pngLowered Strength

  • Character's attack power is lowered by 30%. Caused by monster attacks, Skills and consuming some Items.


  • Character turns to stone after 40 seconds and dies if attacked. Caused by monster attacks, consuming Leaden Globes and Petrification.




  • Character's movement is limited and takes damage over time. Possessed pawns attack allies. Caused by spirit enemies and dragonkin.


  • Character cannot cast spells. Caused by monster attacks and Silentium. Upgraded gold Weapons can also potentially inflict this.


Icon-Debilitation-skill-stifling.pngSkill Stifling

  • Character cannot use any weapon skills. Caused by attacks from Evil Eye and dragonkin


  • Character cannot act, and if attacked, wakes up and takes 1.5x damage from the attack. Caused by monster attacks, Sopor, and consuming Select Herb Ale.


  • Character's movement and attack speed is slowed to a crawl. Caused by monster attacks, consuming some rotten goods, Lassitude, Blunting Arrow and upgraded rusty Weapons.

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