Enhancement in Dragon's Dogma is the process of using Items to upgrade Equipment such as Weapons and Armor.

Enhancing & Upgrading

  • Each enhancement level is given a star rating, with a single star as the first enhancement level.
  • Equipment can be enhanced up to 3 stars.
  • Enhancements require gold and items at each level. The cost and Items required at each level are specified in the game's enhancement screen


Enhancement Services

The following Merchants and NPCs provide enhancement services


Dragonforging and Rarifying

Gear can be enhanced beyond 3 star level through the processes of Dragonforging and Rarifying

  • Dragonforging is a process in which Armor and Weapons are strengthened in wyrmfire, which improves them beyond 3 star enhancement. It is achieved only by slaying a Dragon; upon death of the dragon all armor and weapons that the Arisen has equipped has a chance to become dragonforged. Dragonforged equipment is indicated by a wyrm icon.
  • Rarifying is a process that uses Items and Rift Crystals to enhance Dragonforged Equipment. An additional 2 levels of upgrading can be achieved through rarifying. Rarifying services are provided by Barroch, and rarified equipment is indicated by a dragon icon.

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