High Fulmination

Lightning Based Skills
5000 DP

High Fulmination is a Skill in Dragon's Dogma.

High Fulmination Information

"An advanced form of Fulmination that envelops the user in a more powerful and wider-ranged bolt of lighting."


  • Deals magickal(Thunder) damage that has low knockdown, but high staggering power.
  • When cast by holding the [Attack Button], it electrically charges all party members, dealing Thunder damage to any enemy they climb on/ in contact with them.
  • Has greater range and damage than Fulmination.

Upgrades To


  • You can increase the duration of this skill by using stamina-restoring items such as Large Mushrooms, Staminal Drench, Mushroom Potage etc. Make sure to hold the [Skill Button] while in the inventory or else the skill will cancel itself.
  • Equipping Wyrmking's Ring hastens recharge time.
  • Equipping Articulacy augment improves speed of charging.
  • Equipping Stability augment prevents wind stagger from wing flapping
  • Equipping Conservation] extends stamina.
  • Works best if you fully charge the spell outside of combat and then release the spell once at the enemy.
  • The skill is cancelled if you jump, get staggered by a footstomp or a collapsing monster, get knocked down, shot by an arrow that takes you off your feet or if hit by a spell.
  • Increasing a Sorcerer's knockdown/stagger resistance by wearing high-quality armor will decrease the likelihood of spell interruption.

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