Endgame or Post-Game/Post-Dragon in Dragon's Dogma is the world state which occurs after the player chooses to deny Grigori, the Great Dragon's bargain and so manages to vanquish their archenemy.  It lasts until completing the final Main Story QuestThe Great Hereafter, thereby triggering New Game Plus. The world takes on a perpetually ominous, cloudy, and dark appearance. Enemies start to spawn more often and in more dangerous, stronger forms. The geography of several locations in Gransys inevitably changes, especially with the appearance of the eerie and dangerous Everfall.


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Dragon's Dogma Endgame

After completing the previous Main Quest, The Final Battle, the player Arisen successfully claims their heart back after killing Grigori, the Great Dragon. While this is cause for rejoicing, the city of Gran Soren can be seen lain to waste by an unseen cataclysm, creating a gaping hole in the ground seemingly extending to the void. Grigori's death comes with other consequences as well - The Dragonforged is reduced to dust along with the dead dragon, and Duke Edmun is seen aging rapidly into a much older man. Outside the ruins, the player and their party, accompanied by their Beloved, are seen stepping into a darker, more dangerous world. The player is greeted with the game credits rolling to close out the main game.

Dragon's Dogma Endgame Main Quests Walkthrough

A Warm Welcome

After the credits roll, the player wakes up from some well-deserved rest, beside their beloved, back in Cassardis where the adventure began. Alerted by the destruction that took place in Gran Soren, the player must now make their way to the royal city. The journey there now is infested with stronger monsters than before, and ones that were previously not there. Alternatively, they can use a Ferrystone to teleport near the city instantly if a Portcrystal was previously placed accordingly nearby. 

Inside the castle, the player sees the Duke in his aged form, barely able to stand, much less fight you himself as he accuses you of treason, among other things. He believes that you took the Great Dragon's bargain, which is causing him to wither and die so that you may take the throne. Exclaiming now that instead of killing Grigori, you are in league with the dragon and have wrought destruction with dark magic. The soldiers, including Ser Maximillian, proceed to pursue the player. While fighting them off, you must run to the quest marker which leads you close to the giant pit newly created near the Noble Quarter. Cornered there by your pursuers, a giant flock of various flying monsters swoops up from the pit. As you heed Grigori's dying words, you slip and fall in.


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Fathom Deep

As you fall down the gaping pit, you'll notice that the fall never really ends until you grab onto any of the ledges you see. The player can choose any ledge as they see fit. Each one leads to a chamber with some enemies, a boss, and some loot. If the player chooses to jump again from one ledge, they will keep falling continuously, as the ledges start again from the top as you fall. One of the ledges leads to the Pawn Guild, and so leads out to the city in case the player needs to restock. The Pawns will all express how they were drawn to The Everfall without knowing why, and bid you collect 20 Wakestones, as is the objective of this main quest. The ledge connecting to the Pawn Guild has a cauldron in which you have to put the Wakestones once collected. Enemies and bosses in The Everfall will drop Wakestones and Wakestone shards. This and the frequent chests containing rare gear make exploring and clearing every chamber here much to the player's advantage. After gathering and bringing enough Wakestones to the cauldron, Quince, a nearby Pawn NPC, will explain that the player can summon a rift with the power of the Wakestones, allowing them to journey on.


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Ledges and Chambers in The Everfall

As mentioned before, The Everfall is a dungeon made up of ledges that each have some halls and a main chamber to explore, get chests, and beat bosses in. The first ledge leads to the Chamber of Confusion which only appears on the player's first visit. After defeating its boss, an Evil Eye, the section completely disappears leaving only a ledge. Quince, the NPC who starts Fathom Deep for the player can be found on this ledge, as well as the aforementioned cauldron has to bring the 20 Wakestones to complete the quest. Akim can also be found here. He is one of three NPC Pawns in The Everfall who sell gear that can only be found in the neverending dungeon (aside from later the Bitterblack Isle in the DLC). To complete the quest, the player can simply explore until they farm 20 Wakestones and take it to the cauldron. However, if the player would like to clear out each chamber, the following is a quick overview of the rest of The Everfall:


Ledge 2: Chamber of Anxiety

Ledge 3: Chamber of Absence

Ledge 4: Chamber of Hesitation


Ledge 5: Chamber of Apprehension

Ledge 6: Chamber of Remorse

  • Bosses: Armored Cyclops(lower floor) and Golem(base floor)
  • Number of Chests: 6
  • Minor Enemies: Grimgoblins
  • Joye can be found on the leftmost section of the area upon entering. He is one of three NPC Pawns in The Everfall who sell gear that can only be found in the neverending dungeon

Ledge 7: Chamber of Tragedy


Ledge 8: Chamber of Lament

  • Bosses: Ur-Dragon
  • Number of Chests: 2
  • Minor Enemies: Pawns (can be slain with one hit)
  • The player should prepare well for this fight as this would be the most difficult apart from the final boss

Ledge 9: Chamber of Fate

Ledge 10: Chamber of Distress


Ledge 11: Chamber of Estrangement

Ledge 12: Chamber of Woe

Ledge 13: Chamber of Sorrow


Ledge 14: Chamber of Resolution

Ledge 15: Chamber of Inspiration

Ledge 16: Hope


Final Judgement: Trial of Resolve

As the player falls through the white light brought about by the power of the Wakestones, the player will land in a dimly-lit room, empty save for a figure clad in a glowing white robe, seated on a stone throne. The figure reveals himself to be the Seneschal, the god watching over the world, and will ask you to defeat him and take his place. A fight is initiated against the deity, but all he does is talk and the player is unable to damage his health points. After some time, a cutscene ensures where the Seneschal shows his power over life and death, and explains that life is not true life without volition or strength of will. The fight continues afterwards, with the player still unable to change the enemy's health bar. After dealing a few blows another cutscene starts. It's here when he finally actually allows you to make a choice - either continue the fight with him or retreat. He summons another double of you towards one direction along with what seems to be a portal straight back to Cassardis, but in all its sunny glory in a time before Grigori ever made his devastating visit. Should the player choose to head towards their mirror and into Cassardis, they will find themselves right outside the peaceful island, with their former lover and everyone still alive. They approach you as you walk toward the gate, while Seneschal watches from afar lamenting his disappointment in your choice, but nevertheless allows you your peace. He expresses that he will await the next candidate Arisen instead.


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Final Judgement: Trial to End All

Towards the other direction, he summons a number of different characters that you've met throughout your journey. These illusions will try to attack you, some seemingly questioning while others testing your resolve, emphasizing the test of will the Seneschal is trying to enact. Striking them down and pressing on toward the Seneschal results in him taking off his robe revealing himself to be none other than Savan, the Arisen the player controlled during the tutorial phase of the game. He summons his own pawn as your pawn jumps into the fray as well. As with the fights before, his health points do not decrease, but they can both deal damage to you. After hitting him enough, the fight ends as he apologizes and explains that every Seneschal has to build up the next Arisen's will. Savan pulls out the Godsbane sword from his chest, the only weapon that can end the diety's life, and asks that you finally end his tenure and replace him. Once the player chooses to wield the blade and plunge it into him, he asks that they not mourn him for he sought to be free from immortality. Alone now with their Main Pawn in the empty room, the player finally sits on the throne of the god.


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The Great Hereafter

As the Seneschal now, the player will find himself falling and landing in Cassardis again, with the skies back to normal. However, they will be invisible as they move around the area, and not at all perceivable by any of the other characters. The player can essentially do whatever they want, as the world's new god. Trying to leave the island will bring the player back to the Seneschal's Chamber, where sitting on the throne again will transport the player back to the world as an invisible deity. Leaving any area they land on will transport them back again to the throne. To complete the final quest, the player must go to their inventory, find the Godsbane in the tools section, and select "Hold." This makes the player character wield the god-killing sword and plunge it into his own chest, effectively ending the cycle of the Arisen. The final scene shows the player's lifeless body falling from through the Everfall, and then falling from the sky, along with their Main Pawn screaming after them. The land in the waters of Cassardis, but only one washes up ashore. The Main Pawn wakes up finding themselves in the body of their master. After a moment of confusion and frustration, the player's beloved approaches, initially with glee, but with a visible change in disposition upon realizing it wasn't you in there. Nevertheless, they offer your loyal companion their hand. After one last glance towards the sea, your Main Pawn walks with your beloved, side-by-side under the horizon.


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Changes in the Endgame of Dragon's Dogma

Changes in Gran Soren


Changes in Cassardis


Changes in Enemies Spawn Locations



Minor Enemies


New Quests in the Endgame of Dragon's Dogma


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