Frequently Asked Questions in Dragon's Dogma covers the most commonly asked questions players have for the game. Find the answers to these common questions on this page.


Dragon's Dogma FAQs

How do I get to Bitterblack Isle?

  • After downloading the Dark Arisen DLC you will need to head back over to the starting town, Cassardis. Once you've reached the town rest a the inn there until night. Once you've done that approach the NPC on the docks known as Olra, once you've spoken to her you should be able to gain access to Bitterblack Isle.


How do I fast-travel?

  • Unlike most RPGs Dragon's Dogma has a different means for it's players to fast-travel by this means is done by Ferry stones. Ferry stones are un-common items that can be bought at the Black Cat or from the NPC Fournival. Along with this they can also be found in the Everfall and in rare cases in the ferry circle you warp to at Gran Soren.


How do I change my vocation and when should I?

  • The ability to change your vocation can be done at the inn at Gran Soren, in which you have to pay in order to choose a different vocation. Normally the best time to do this is early in the game when you're still looking for your own style of gameplay, however be wary as switching later on may cost more when it comes to finding suitable armor for higher ranking characters.


Where can I find the DLC armor and weapons that I downloaded?

  • This depends on if you're starting off on a pre-Dark Arisen save or not. If you are accessing DLC with a pre-Dark Arisen save you should be able to find your items in your storage at one of the inns. However if this is not the case you can find DLC armor available at the Black Cat in Gran Soren.


What's the most effective vocation in combat?

  • While it will always depend on your style of fighting when it comes to best vocation many point out that the most effective vocation available is that of the Assassin. This is due to the array of weapons that the Assassin is able to use in combat when compared to the other vocations.


How do I find and fight the Ur-Dragon?

  • This depends on the stage of the game you're currently in. For players on their first playthrough you can find the Ur-Dragon fight at the Chamber of Lament in the Everfall in post-game. However if you're past post-game and into new game plus you will be able to access the fight at the starting town of Cassardis. You can find a stone hidden away on the beach, once there you will be sent to the area to fight or collect the reward for fighting the Ur-Dragon.


When can I change the appearance of my pawn and my character?

  • There are quite a few ways to actually change your appearance at your pawns, with the simplest of ways going to the salon at Gran Soren to change your facial features. However for more extensive changes to your character you can also head over to the Encampment to purchase the item 'Metamorphosis' from the NPC by the Rift stone. While this is a one time use for those on their first playthrough, it becomes a permanent feature on New Game Plus. The ability to change your character's appearance with Metamorphosis can be accessed at the main menu of the game.


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