Combat in Dragon's Dogma.

Combat Information

Combat is in third person and features a combination of ranged, melee and shield based actions. The mechanics of combat are deep and tactics vary by playstyle, vocation and the makeup of your party of Pawns and your Stats. Killing Enemies is one of the 2 activities along with completing Quests that earn the Arisen leveling experience.

Vocations and their available Weapons determine most of the actions that are available to you during combat. During the heat of combat, you and your pawns will take appropriate action and can perform several actions such as throwing foes/allies, picking up foes/allies who are unconscious and lending aid. You may pause the action to ingest Consumables and administer aid to your pawn party members. Pawns may also be given Items to hold which they can use at will during the heat of battle.

Most enemies feature at least 1 major damage weakness or vulnerable part of their body and your pawns will often offer tips on how to attack them, depending on their experience with this enemy type. Learning where to attack and how is important to getting out of encounters unscathed. Enemies can be quite tough, so a deliberate and cautious approach to fighting is recommended especially when you are starting out. Do not be afraid to retreat if you've run into a battle with a strong foe who far outclasses you. The game will not protect you from encountering these highly powerful beasts, and retreat is always a legitimate option.


Slaying enemies leaves a corpse that can be looted for Items. Often, beasts will drop valuable Materials which are used in Enhancement.

Upon player death, you will be offered a choice to restart at the last checkpoint, return to the title or if you have any in your inventory, consume a Wakestone to revive you at the point and place of your death. As a result, wakestones are valuable items to keep stocked, and in addition to being purchasable from Merchants, can be farmed in The Everfall at Endgame.

Climbing Enemies

You may jump and grab onto the larger Enemies in order to climb them and reach their vulnerable spots for attack. Maintaining your hold on the creature requires Stamina and when depleted you will let go of the monster. If a monster shakes while you are holding onto it, stamina will be depleted faster. At times certain creatures will take direct action to remove you, whether it's grabbing you, slamming into structures or slamming into the floor. It can be helpful to look for those signs and dislodge before suffering the damage of these actions.

The types of attacks you can take while climbing a monster are limited and depend on your vocation, and most skills can not be used during climbing with a handful of exceptions.


When casting spells, there are two extra actions one may perforn: Zooming & Manual aim. Zooming closes off extra distance from the Arisen's perphial. Click the right stick to perform this action. Manual aim turns off the auto aiming feature and allows the Arisen to attack critical points. This also allots the Arisen to boon his or her own weapon. Click the left stick to perform this action.




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