Stamina in Dragon's Dogma refers to a character's mobility action points. It determines maximum action points for specific tasks such as sprinting, carrying and climbing, as well as skills that use stamina. Stamina only regenerates by consumables or if an action has stopped, and its regeneration rates vary according to vocation and encumbrance.

Stamina Consumption

Stamina is consumed by carrying items, sprinting, climbing and performing certain skills. Stamina is not regenerated until the consuming action stops, and it is cumulative, meaning two actions performed simultaneously such as carrying an object and walking will consume both amounts of stamina simultaneously
Once the stamina bar is depleted, the character enters a short animation of exhaustion or "catching one's breath" where no actions may be performed. This status will end after a few seconds, or if a curative is consumed or a pawn aids the player (which also affects their pawn inclination.

  • Character Weight affects stamina consumption: Heavier characters consume less stamina per action.
  • Encumbrance affects stamina consumption: Unencumbered characters consume less stamina per action.
  • Vocations affect stamina consumption: Strider classes consume the least stamina, followed by Fighter and lastly Mage archetypes consuming the most.

Stamina Regeneration

Stamina will not regenerate until the action has stopped or a consumable is used. It is noteworthy that actions that do not consume stamina such as Core Skills or Blocking still slow down stamina regeneration.

  • Character Weight affects stamina consumption: Heavier characters regenerate slower.
  • Encumbrance affects stamina regeneration: Unencumbered characters regenerate faster.
  • Vocations affect stamina regeneration: Strider classes regenerate fastest, followed by Fighter and lastly Mage archetypes regenerating slower.

Augments that increase Stamina

Unlocked by Vocation
Increases stamina by 100
Increases stamina by 100
Magick Archer
Increases stamina by 100 at nighttime
Halves recovery time when you run out of stamina
Halves stamina consumed when you cling to objects or climb terrain
Halves stamina consumed when you lift objects or grapple-hold opponents
Halves stamina consumed when you block attacks with your shield
Mystic Knight
Reduces stamina consumed whilst running
Secret Augments
Reduces stamina consumed by 25% when you perform a physical weapon skill (does not affect Bow usage)
Reduces stamina consumed by 15% when you perform a magick weapon skill

Curatives and Spells that affect Stamina

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  • ?
  • ?

Equipment that affects Stamina

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  • ?
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