Grand Fulmination

"An advanced form of High Fulmination that erodes less Stamina and amplifies the spark granted to allies."
Type Weapon Skills
Dark Arisen Skills
Vocations icon Vocation Sorcerer
Weapons Archistaves
Element lightning skills dragons dogma wiki guide
Rank Available When Fulmination/High Fulmination is available
Cost Sorcerer's Ring/Sorcerer's Band

Grand Fulmination is a Skill in Dragon's Dogma that can be used by Sorcerers in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. Some Skills are shared between Vocations - when you buy a Skill, it can be accessed by any Vocation that can use it and doesn't have to be purchased again when swapping Vocations. New Skills can be bought using Discipline Points and changed at Inns around Gransys.


Dragon's Dogma Grand Fulmination Effects

Grand Fulmination has the following effects:

  • Character summons an AOE field of Lightning around them that damages Enemies that get too close. Allies that step into the field get a similar effect.
  • Electrifies foes, dealing magick damage, low Knockdown and high Stagger effects.
  • Can also electrically charge other party members to add Lightning damage to their attacks. Press and hold the attack button to release a charge dealing extra damage to any enemy your party members climb on while the you stay still.
  • Equipping Wyrmking's Ring hastens recharge time.
  • Equipping Articulacy improves speed of charging.
  • Equipping Stability prevents wind stagger from wing flapping
  • Equipping Conservation extends Stamina.
  • Works best if you fully charge the spell outside of combat and then release the spell once at the enemy.
  • The skill is cancelled if you jump, get staggered by a footstomp or a collapsing monster, get knocked down, shot by an arrow that takes you off your feet or if hit by a spell.
  • Increasing a Sorcerer's knockdown/stagger resistance by wearing high-quality armor will decrease the likelihood of spell interruption.
  • You can increase the duration of this skill by using stamina-restoring items such as Large Mushrooms, Staminal Drench, Mushroom Potage etc. Make sure to hold the [Skill Button] while in the inventory or else the skill will cancel itself.


Grand Fulmination Dragon's Dogma Requirements

These are the requirements to unlock and use Grand Fulmination:


Dragon's Dogma Grand Fulmination Upgrades

Some Skills have advanced forms that have stronger effects that can range from more damage, having a longer duration, being able to hit more enemies etc.
This is the advancement path for Grand Fulmination:


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