Union Inn

Gran Soren
Notice Board Quests

Union Inn is a location in Dragon's Dogma.

Union Inn Information

A cozy inn run by Asalam located at the Fountain Square in Gran Soren. This inn allows the Arisen to sleep, manage the party's items and equipment, learn or set skills of yourself and your Main Pawn, change Vocations, or use the Knowledge Chair to change the Main Pawn's inclinations, and use the Notice Board to obtain various new quests.

Notice Boards


Services Available

  • Sleeping -- costs 500 Gold per day. This is useful for fully restoring the party's health, curing any debilitations and saving your game.
  • Inventory Management -- you can deposit, withdraw, equip or combine items at this location.
  • Skills adjustment -- you can learn or set your own skills and that of your Pawn by spending Discipline Points.
  • Vocation adjustment -- you can even change your Vocations or that of your Pawn.
  • Knowledge Chair -- you can adjust your Main Pawn's inclinations by using the chair.
  • Escort Quests -- Majority of the Notice Board Quests start at the Union Inn. Check out the notice board at this location to take up these missions.

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