Assassin Augments are Augments available when leveling up an Assassin in Dragon's Dogma. Augments are passive Skills that boost a character's Stats and abilities. Once unlocked, all Augments can be used by the character no matter which Vocation they switch to.

Dragon's Dogma Assassin Augments


Rank Available: 1
Cost: 1200 DP
Description: Halves all the damage taken when your blade is sheathed.



Rank Available: 2
Cost: 1200 DP
Description: Increases max stamina by 100 at night.



Rank Available: 3
Cost: 1800 DP
Description: Increases max health by 100 at night.



Rank Available: 4
Cost: 2400 DP
Description: Strength and Magick are up 70%, plus Defenses and Magick Defenses are increased by 30 at night.


Rank Available: 6
Cost: 4000 DP
Description: Doubles the damage dealt when enemies are not in battle stance.



Rank Available: 8
Cost: 7000 DP
Description: Sharply increases the cumulative damage wrought by your poison attacks.



Rank Available: 9
Cost: 8000 DP
Description: When venturing forth alone, Strength & Magick are up 70% and Defenses & Magick Defenses are increased by 30.

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