Elemental Damage in Dragon's Dogma is a percentage modifier applied to both magick and physical damage. The strength of the effect will depend on the target's weaknesses, resistances and the strength of the enchantment of the attacker. Both spells and weapons can have or obtain elemental effects, and it is advisable to have variety in your party to ensure you can exploit vulnerabilities of several enemies and avoid attacking them with elements they are resistant to.

Whilst spells have associated elements, elemental weapons can have a stronger enchantment applied to increase their effectiveness. The available enchantments are, from weakest to strongest:
  • Bare Elemental Weapon Bonus
  • Boon
  • Mystic Knight's Enchantment
  • Affinity
  • Trance
  • Pact
  • Invocation
  • See Weapon Enchantments and Archmagick pages for details

The Elements


Fire element spells and weapons may set enemies to Icon-Debilitation-Fire.png burning, slowly reducing their hp. Burning enemies become chaotic in battle, sometimes running away and other times becoming frenzied. It is noteworthy a character may burn the wings off an enemy to force it to land.


Ice element spells and weapons may set enemies to Icon-Debilitation-Frozen.png frozen, stopping their movements. Particularly useful against Saurians, freezing is also a good tactic against larger foes such as Ogres and Dragonkin with ice weaknesses, as it may encase their heads and cause icon-debilitation-blindness.png blindness or stop them from moving and flying.


Lightning element spells and weapons may stun enemies, preventing them from attacking or dodging. Occasionally, "thundershock" effects may happen, triggering smaller chain lightning to nearby enemies in an offensive AoE.


Dark element spells and weapons have a chance to deal an extra 10% damage based on your Magick. Direwolf, Saurian Sages and The Dragon are the only enemies weak to dark in game, so it is not advisable to focus on this specific element. Dark Magick spells can cause non-elemental debilitations such as: Icon-Debilitation-sleep.png Sleep ( Sopor), Icon-Debilitation-torpor.png torpor ( Lassitude), Icon-Debilitation-blindness.png blindness ( Blearing), Icon-Debilitation-silence.png silence ( Silentium), Icon-Debilitation-poison.png poison ( Miasma).


Holy element spells and weapons have a chance to heal the caster for 10% of their Magick Defense stat. In contrast with Dark Element, there are very few enemies with holy resistance, so it is an advisable focus for a caster.

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