Brain Splitter

Dark Arisen Skills
Strider's Ring / Band with Helm Splitter / Skull Splitter enchant.

Brain Splitter is a Skill in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

Brain Splitter Information

"An advanced form of Skull Splitter that hastens the speed of the spin in order to increase the numbers of strikes."


  • The Arisen jumps into the air, spinning and lands a heavy blow to the head of the enemy on the way down.
  • Deals the most damage per second but leaves the user vulnerable to attack shortly afterwards.
  • Has a very high damage output and can quickly inflict debilitations such as Torpor, Poison, Silence, Blind, or Tarred in Oil (with Rusted Daggers, Golden Daggers, or Aneled daggers respectively).


  • Brain Splitter can be used to fall from any survivable height without injury. Simply run toward the edge of the cliff (DO NOT JUMP) and at the last possible moment before going over the edge, execute Brain Splitter while continuing to hold the D-pad forward. The forward momentum will take the Arisen over the edge of the cliff and land safely with NO damage if executed properly.'
  • Using this with Eminence augment increases damage dealt by 30%. Jump into the air, then execute Brain Splitter to receive this damage boost.
  • You can use Instant Reset at the end of the attack animation to spam this skill repeatedly and avoid any momentary vulnerability post use.

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