Lost and Found

Type Side Story Quest
Giver Adaro
Location Cassardis
Prerequisite N/A
Next Quest N/A

Lost and Found is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

Lost and Found

"News of Quina's sudden disappearance has left you shaken. Seek out the village chief to learn more of her whereabouts."

Quest Objective


  1. Word has it Quina trekked into the Witchwood. Begin your search there.
  2. Quina would delve deeper into the Witchwood. See to her safety as you search for the witch.
  3. Quina left ahead for Cassardis. Return to the village yourself and inform Adaro of what transpired.
  4. You helped Quina return home safely, and informed the village chief of your deeds.

Quest Rewards


  1. 3,000 Gold
  2. 4,000 Exp.
  3. 5 Rift Crystals

Quest Walkthrough

You obtain this quest after reaching Gran Soren during Stage 2. You must complete this quest before doing the Pawn Guild quest "The Lure of the Abyss" or you won't be able to finish it.

Head back to the encampent and when you reach a forking road before it (by the exit of the cave that connects to Cassardis Well) take the forking path and head up the slope. You will face wolves and bandits across the way, and do a u turn around the mountain to finally arrive in Witchwood.

Talk to Quina and set forth further into the zone. The are is enveloped by a persistent fog that will only dissipate if you destroy totems in the area. This can be somewhat of  maze to figure out, but explore and gather materials as you search. 

Once you find the house in the middle, talk to the witch and loot the house. Make sure to pick up a bronze idol by the window to use for another quest. 

After the chat, follow the shortcut path through a cave and emerge near Cassardis.

Find Quinas father to finish the quest. 

Quest Notes



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