Upon a Pawn

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Upon a Pawn is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

Upon a Pawn

"You met a pawn, one of the race of wanderers from realms unknown. lead this mysterious immortal to the Enlistment Corps camp."

Quest Objective

  1. Make for The Encampment
  2. Save the Peddler (optional)

Quest Rewards

  1. 3,100 Gold
  2. 300 Exp.
  3. 3 Rift Crystals

Quest Walkthrough

Take the road to The Encampment from Cassardis. As you reach the gate exiting Cassardis you will be approached by a pawn Mage named Rook. He will accompany you as a recruit, and will lead you from Cassardis to your next objective along the Seabreeze Trail.

Along the way you will encounter the peddler Reynard being attacked by a gang of Goblin thugs. It is optional to save him but he is a useful NPC who will open up more opportunities later, and can provide some character services. If you rescue him you will receive a Leather Cape for your troubles and Reynard's quest lines will open up for you.

Continue on the road to reach The Encampment which will complete the quest and trigger the start of Call of the Arisen.

Quest Notes

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