The Wyrmking's Ring

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Gran Soren, Ancient Quarry
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The Wyrmking's Ring is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

The Wyrmking's Ring

"A thief made off with the duke's magick ring, a treasure of the realm. It must be reclaimed."

Quest Objective

  1. Learn More of the Thief
  2. Inquire About Salomet
  3. First confrontation
  4. Renew Your Inquiry Into Salomet
  5. Ferry Back the Ring

Quest Rewards

  1. 35,000 Gold
  2. 30,000 Exp.
  3. 40 Rift Crystals
  4. Wyrmking's Ring

Quest Walkthrough

Speaking to Aldous and selecting Recover stolen item will trigger this Royal Orders quest. You may speak with Pering, Ser Gyles in the storehouse, Ambrose to find more and then speak to Aldous again.

Salomet is who you are after, and Aldous tells you to speak with people in Gran Soren. Mellard in the Noble Quarter will tell you that Salomet is in the Ancient Quarry. Travel there and engage Salomet and his thugs, he will escape the fight.

Return to Aldous who will suggest more people to speak with. Travel to Fountain Square to speak with Brice who will tell you Salomet is en route to Bluemoon Tower. Travel to the tower, take out his allies and then defeat Salomet in a final showdown. Loot the Wyrmking's Ring from him near the edge of the cliff and return to Aldous. You may give him the ring or have a forgery crafted to complete the quest.

Quest Notes

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