Superstition's Call

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Superstition's Call is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

Superstition's Call

"The oracle warned me that I would surely die in the battle to come if I did not first travel to the site to dispel the ill fortune that there awaits. I seek a partner for the journey."

Quest Objective

Ser Alvert

Escort Ser Alvert to the Greatwall Encampment
Reward: 100 Dragon’s Spit.

Ser Arbel

Escort Ser Arbel to Prayer Falls. (Verify name)
Reward: Steel Cuirass

Ser Camillus

Escort Ser Camillus to the Miasmic Haunt
Reward : 15000 experience

Ser Deric

Escort Ser Deric to the Stones of Courage.
Reward: Flask of Water x 30

Ser Cyrus

Escort Ser Cyrus to Miasmic Haunt.
Reward Soultaker

Ser Forden

Escort Ser Forden to the Miasmic Haunt
Reward: additional 10,000 gold

Ser Gregor

Escort Ser Gregor to the Miasmic Haunt
Reward: Conqueror's Periapt x5

Ser Roderick

Escort Ser Roderick to Hillfigure Knoll.
Reward Soultaker

Quest Rewards

  • 5,000 Gold
  • 3,000 Exp
  • Additional Items

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Quest Notes

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