A Matter of Myrmidons

Main Story Quest
Gran Soren
Off With Its Head
Next Quest
Lure of the Abyss

A Matter of Myrmidons is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

A Matter of Myrmidons

"Upon arriving at Gran Soren, you decide to seek further knowledge of the pawn legion as you wait for Mercedes to deliver her report."

Quest Objective

  1. Learn More of the Pawns
  2. Visit the Pawn Guild

Quest Rewards

  1. 3,500 Gold
  2. 3,000 Exp.
  3. 5 Rift Crystals

Quest Walkthrough

Mason asks the Arisen to find out more about pawn by speaking to the citizens. Players need to speak to two citzens, Sara and Barnaby. Sara can be found either at the Fountain Square or the Arsmith's Alehouse. She will suggest player to visit the Pawn Guild. Barnaby is located inside the pawn guild. Speak to Barnaby to complete the quest. Speaking with Barnaby further will trigger the quest Lure of the Abyss.

Quest Notes

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