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Company for the Road is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

Company for the Road

"Looking for some company while I run some errands. The roads get lonely, after all."

Quest Objective and Rewards

Company for the Road consists of multiple escort quests.

  • Escort Asalam to the Healing Spring
  • Reward : a Platinum Ring.

  • Escort Carel to the Cape Pactforge
  • Reward : Small Fish x 10.

  • Escort Conwey to the Prayer Falls
  • Reward : Pumpkin x10.

  • Escort Domenique to the Cape Pactforge
  • Reward : Desiccated Herbs x 5.

  • Escort Fedel to the Prayer Falls
  • Reward : Sleeper Arrow x 100.

  • Escort The Fool to the Warrior's Departure
  • Reward : a Dignified Cape.

  • Escort Ser Jareth to the Stones Courage
  • Reward : Oil Arrow x30.

  • Escort Jenlyns to Cape Pactforge
  • Reward : Large Mushroom x10.

  • Escort Ser Jovan to Stones Courage
  • Reward : an additional 3000 gold.

  • Escort Osip to Cape Pactforge
  • Reward : Beast-Steak x3.

  • Escort Randell to the Prayer Falls
  • Reward : Throat Remedy x3.

  • Escort Sentena to the Stones Courage
  • Reward : Dragon's Spit x 20.

  • Escort Steffen to the Miasmic Haunt
  • Reward : Snags Gold. Becomes available after the quest Reward : and Responsibility.

  • Escort Heraldo to The Shadow Fort
  • Reward : Steel Nut Salve x 3.

  • Escort Ser Jovan to the Stones Courage

Quest Walkthrough

Detail Quest steps, from start to finish

Quest Notes

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