A Parting Tribute

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A Parting Tribute is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

A Parting Tribute

"I would offer a prayer at the resting place of my fallen brother-in-arms afore I leave on the great march. An escort would be most welcome."

Quest Objectives and Rewards

A Parting Tribute consist several separate escort quests.

Ser Aerick

  • Escort Ser Aerick to the Stones of Courage
  • Reward 10,000 Experience

Ser Berne

  • Escort Ser Berne to The Shadow Fort.
  • Reward : Gryphic Victory

Ser Bryan

  • Escort Ser Bryan to Warrior's Departure.
  • Reward : Gryphic Gauntlets

Ser Grecio

  • Escort Ser Grecio to the Warrior's Departure
  • Reward : Throwblast x5

Ser Nichol

  • Escort Ser Nichol to the Stones of Courage.
  • Reward : Blinder Arrow x30

Ser Raster

  • Escort Ser Raster to Prayer Falls.
  • Reward : Poison Arrow x100

Ser Rojay

  • Escort Rojay to Warrior's Departure.
  • Reward : Spicy Mushroom Tea x 15

Ser Tavin

  • Escort Ser Tavin to Cape Pactforge
  • Reward : Dragon's Spit x10

Quest Walkthrough

Detail Quest steps, from start to finish

Quest Notes

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