Chasing Shadows

Type Side Quest
Giver Mason
Location Gran Soren
Prerequisite N/A
Next Quest N/A

Chasing Shadows is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

Chasing Shadows

"Salvation reportedly has a spy inside the castle at Gran Soren. Mason asks you root out the cultist"

Quest Objective


  1. A suspicious figure has been spotted sneaking out of the castle late at night. Wait in the noble quarter, and tail them.
  2. You located a suspicious character. Shadow him, taking pains not to be noticed.
  3. The suspect engaged in a clandestine meeting. Tell Mason's agent, Arsmith the tavern master, of what you witnessed.
  4. You reported the suspect's activity. Quest reward received.

Quest Rewards


  1. 7,000 Gold
  2. 4,500 Exp.
  3. 10 Rift Crystals
  4. Madeleine's Shop opens


Quest Walkthrough

Go to the Noble District in Gran Soren and approach the palace gate. You will trigger a cutscene with a blonde man. Begin following him at a safe distance, do not get too close and just watch your map for his location.

The man will leave the noble district and head to the merchant district, past the inn, down to the aqueduct across the water and eventually land in a small abandoned house and meet with Madeleine.

Go back to the ale house to finish the quest and receive your reward.  

Quest Notes



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