Deny Salvation

Main Story Quest
The Greatwall
Reward and Responsibility
Next Quest
The Final Battle

Deny Salvation is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

Deny Salvation

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Quest Objective

  1. Recapture the The Greatwall and rout the Salvation cultists within.

Quest Rewards

  1. 40,000 Gold
  2. 30,000 Exp.
  3. 50 Rift Crystals

Quest Walkthrough

From within the treasury a messenger will enter and inform you that the leader of Salvation has attacked The Greatwall. The Duke will postpone his initial plans for you and send you to stop the assault.

Travel to the Greatwall Encampment and approach the Salvation members who will flee. 2 armored Cyclops will enter along with a Snow Harpy contingent. Defeat them and chase the Salvation members to the Greatwall.

Bring the assault to the enemies and head up the keep, defeating enemies along the way. Continue past a wall and down the stairs into a room. Defeat the enemies there and go up into a hall. Defeat the Chimera and progress through the door a guard unlocks for you.

Continue your ascent and face off with a Skeleton Lord. Defeat the lord and the main gate will lead to the roof. This initiates a fight with Elysion along with 2 Wight enemies. Defeat them and when Elysion begins to speak, Grigori arrives. The quest The Final Battle is now available.

Quest Notes

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