Griffin's Bane

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Griffin's Bane is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

Griffin's Bane

"A griffin is stalking caravans. Join the volunteers who plan to vanquish the beast."

Quest Objective

  1. Speak with the Volunteers
  2. Join the Campaign (1)
  3. Join the Campaign (2)
  4. Pursue the Fleeing Griffin

Quest Rewards

  1. 30,000 Gold
  2. 25,000 Exp.
  3. 30 Rift Crystals

Quest Walkthrough

Speak with Aldous and select "Aid the corps on a hunting expedition" to begin this quest.

Go to the southern gate and speak to Ser George and travel with him south towards Moonshower Cliffs. Kill a creature and place its carcass in the circle on the ground to attract the Griffin as bait. The Griffin will land and initiate the fight. You may kill it, or if it flees it will travel to Bluemoon Tower.

Follow the escaped Griffin to Bluemoon Tower and reunite with Ser George and his corps. Help them defeat the enemies here and proceed into the tower. Ascend the tower and enter the wooden door to face the Griffin yet again. Destroy the wooden barricade on the gate ahead and work around to open the other. At the third gate defend yourself from the Griffin until it breaks the gate. Once it opens the gate you may defend against the griffin and proceed to the next area.

Go to the top of the tower to initiate the final battle with the Griffin. If you completed A Troublesome Tome Steffen will arrive to help here. Defeat the Griffin and collect all the loot. Return to Gran Soren and report to Aldous to complete the quest.

Quest Notes

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