A Troublesome Tome

Type Side Story Quest
Giver Steffen
Location Gran Soren
Prerequisite N/A
Next Quest N/A

A Troublesome Tome is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

A Troublesome Tome

"Steffen asks you locate Salomet's Grimoire, a tome empowered with arcane magicks. It seems the book yet remains somewhere in Gransys."

Quest Objective


  1. Learn More of the Grimoire
  2. Explore the Thieves' Den
  3. Investigate the Thieves
  4. Deliver the Grimoire to Steffen

Quest Rewards


  1. 15,000 Gold
  2. 8,000 Exp.
  3. 20 Rift Crystals

Quest Walkthrough

You obtain this quest during Stage 2 in Gran Soren, by talking to Steffens who hangs out near the inn. He will tell you to find the lost grimoire. Head towards the encampment and you will come upon Rowald being attacked near the abandoned storehouse just north of the camp. Defend him from the bandits and he will update you that a band of thieves has taken the tome from him: the southern bandits. 

Continue towards the encampment but take a right at the fork and instead go towards the witchwood. The thieves encampment lies this way. 

Quest Notes



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