A Rude Awakening

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Call of the Arisen
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Off With Its Head

A Rude Awakening is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

A Rude Awakening

"Your night among the Enlistment Corps was restful. Not so the morning: The Corps' lack of vigilance has invited a hideous visitor."

Quest Objective

  1. Battle the Hydra

Quest Rewards

  1. 2,500 Gold
  2. 2,000 Exp.

Quest Walkthrough

A cutscene will be triggered after speaking with Mercedes at the Encampment and agreeing to rest. The Arisen finds out the Encampment is under attack by a giant Hydra. There are two ways to end the battle. The first one is to deal enough damage to cut one of its heads off, the weakspots of the Hydra are its heads. The second one is to survive long enough till a cutscene is triggered in which player will receive an Explosive barrel. Throwing the barrel to the Hydra
results in instant decapitation. The quest completes after the defeat of the Hydra.

Mercedes will tell you that the head of the hydra is a worthy gift for the Duke and will ask you to travel with her to Gran Soren. This will trigger the quest Off With Its Head.

Quest Notes

  • Unlock the Achievement Getting a Head

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