Reaper's Scorn

Reaper%27s Scorn
Type Side Story Quest
Giver Austine
Location Craftsman's Quarter in Gran Soren
Prerequisite Off With Its Head
Next Quest N/A

Reaper's Scorn is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

Reaper's Scorn

"Beside himself with grief, a father named Austine begs you deliver miraculous stones that might bring his departed son back to life. "

Quest Objective


  1. Find a Wakestone and use it to revive Wilhelm


Quest Rewards


  1. 10,000 Gold
  2. 6,000 Exp.
  3. 10 Rift Crystals


Quest Walkthrough

This quest becomes available from the blacksmith Austine in the Craftsman's House in the Craftsman's Quarter after completing the quest Off With Its Head.

The blacksmith Austine mourns his sickly son Wilhem, who seems as death, or trapped between life and death with some sickness - hear his request for a legendary Wakestone he hopes can bring his beloved son back to life.

Austine has collected two shards of a Wakestone, and entrusts them to the Arisen, in the hope that collecting another shard will create a Wakestone to resurrect his son.

Collect or buy a third wakestone shard - the shards will auto-magickally form a wakestone when kept together in the Arisen's inventory. Use the wakestone on Wilhem to complete the quest.


Quest Notes

  •  Caution! If not completed before starting Come to Court, the quest will fail.
  • There will be a Wakestone Shard at the bottom of the Everfall, which only appears after accepting the quest.
  • For more information on possible locations of shards, see Wakestone Shard.
  • Using a Wakestone to resurrect Wilhem without talking to Austine will accept and finish this quest simultaneously.
  • Saving Wilhem is necessary to obtain a Golden Claw, which can only be got as reward from his escort quest.
  • (BUG) Nintendo Switch, Pc. The two shards gifted by Austine may disappear, including if placed in storage. Reasons unknown.
  • Combined wakestones made from the shards obtained in this quest have also been reported not to function at all.

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