Witch Hunt

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Witch Hunt is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

Witch Hunt

"Rumors that the "hexer" of the Witchwood is in league with the dragon are sure to incite violence unless action is taken."

Quest Objective

  1. Selene could face retribution for her perceived ill deeds. Make for the Witchwood and see to her safety.
  2. The furor roused a massive, powerful golem. Quiet it once more.
  3. You defeated the golem and opened a path into the Witchwood. Delve in and follow Selene's trail.
  4. You quelled the riot and saw Selene safely to Cassardis. Quest reward received.

Quest Rewards

20,000 Gold
10,000 Exp.
30 Rift Crystals
Favored Canopy

Quest Walkthrough

Detail Quest steps, from start to finish

Quest Notes

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