Visions of the End I

Type Dark Arisen Quest
Notice Board Location Bitterblack Isle
Location NA
Prerequisite Dousing the Blight
Next Quest Visions of the End II

Visions of the End I is a Dark Arisen Quest in Dragon's Dogma

Visions of the End I

"Fie and curse this place... Am I to live out my days in this fetid pit? No! I've not given up. Just as despair's icy grip was taking hold, I had a divine revelation! One thin strand of hope... I must find more of them! Yes, of course! They're the only way out of this wretched labyrinth... I must have more of the Macabre Sculptures!"

Quest Objective


  • Collect 10 Macabre Sculptures.

Quest Rewards


Quest Walkthrough

Detail Quest steps, from start to finish

Quest Notes



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