A Fortress Besieged

Main Story Quest
Ser Maximilian
The Shadow Fort
Lure of the Abyss
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Other Wyrm Hunt Quests or Come to Court

A Fortress Besieged is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

A Fortress Besieged

"Goblins have seized the Stone of the Southwest. Reclaim this vital bulwark against the dragon."

Quest Objective

  1. Speak With the Captain
  2. Open the Gate
  3. Rout the Goblins
  4. Defeat the Goblin Chieftain
  5. Report Your Victory

Quest Rewards

  1. 28,000 Gold
  2. 20,000 Exp.
  3. 20 Rift Crystals
  4. Ferrystone

Quest Walkthrough

This is one of the 4 Wyrm Hunt Quests from Ser Maximilian which you can perform after completing Lure of the Abyss and receiving the Wyrm Hunt License. The other quests he gives are The Cypher, Seeking Salvation, and The Watergod's Altar. Once 2 of these quests have been completed, Come to Court becomes available.

Speaking to Maximilian and selecting "Rout a monster infestation" from the choices triggers this particular quest. You are tasked with traveling to The Shadow Fort to eliminate a Goblin group that have taken up residence there. Make your way via the Ancient Quarry or an alternate route until you arrive at The Shadow Fort, and speak with Ser Robert who will ask you to enter the fort and open the gate from inside to allow the attacking force to clear the goblins.

Enter teh fort, and travel to the end until you reach the tower. Eliminate the enemies and make your to the top of the tower where you will find the hole where the lever to open the gate goes. There are ballistas up here which you can attempt to disable to make the coming fight easier on your allies.

Clear the courtyard in the fort of the goblin and Cyclops foes being mindful of the ballista fire if you haven't disabled them already. Once defeated, take the ladder on the building in the courtyard to the top and go in. Unlock the barred door here and descend below, eliminating the goblins. Inside a chest here you will find the fort lever for the main gate.

Return to the first tower where you found the hole and insert the lever which will trigger a cutscene of your allied forces pouring in. Help Robert defeat the foes here and take care to keep him alive to gain access to the castle later.

Once all the enemies are defeated, past the main gate take the stairs on the right. Defeat the powerful armored Cyclops here and move to the tower opposite the one you came into. Open the doors to the room where the Goblin chieftain is which will trigger a cutscene. Fight the chieftain who will flee via the window after taking a certain amount of damage. You may attempt to follow him, but catching and killing him is not necessary for victory. A victorious cutscene will trigger.

Return to Gran Soren and speak with Maximilian. You may take another Wyrm Hunt quest here or choose "Hear the duke's directive" to continue the Main Story Quests.

Quest Notes

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