The End at the Beginning

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The End at the Beginning is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

The End at the Beginning

"The Arisen is destined to defy the Dragon, who terrorizes and destroys the land. With the assistance of his faithful Pawns, Savan has to fight his way through the Wyrm's lair before he would face the fearsome creature."

Quest Objective

  1. Confront the Dragon

Quest Rewards

  1. Character Creation

Quest Walkthrough

The player controls Savan, an Arisen of ages past, who enters the lair of the Dragon together with his Main Pawn , Salde. A first tutorial message invites the use of a lantern , introducing the inventory mechanics. The player is also advised to browse the Pause Menu and give a try to the basic combat moves.

The Dragon shows itself, but the two Fighters have to go through the Wyrm's lair before they can face it. Dispatch a few Goblins first, before reaching a Rift Stone . The Arisen can use this Rift Stone and summon two additional Pawns to fight at Savan's side: Quince , the Strider , and Morganna , the Mage . Afterwards, a quick display on how to issue orders to the Arisen's Pawns is shown.

Proceeding through the dungeon, another band of goblins will appear. Upon reaching a corridor afterward, a brief cutscene foreshadows the confrontation with a Chimera that will close the prologue. In the next room, the Arisen is attacked by a group of harpies . After this fight, Savan will meet Ser Palotti who came to assist, together with two other knights. Their support is very short-lived, however, as a Chimera leaps out of the shadows onto one of the knights and rips him to shreds. This battle is the final confrontation of the tutorial.

Once the Chimera is successfully defeated, a cutscene will play and will conclude the tutorial quest. The player is then given access to the Character Creation menu, where they are able to create and customize their own Arisen and embark on their journey.

The cutscene concludes the prologue and unlocks the trophy or achievement, "It Begins."

Quest Notes

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