Arousing Suspicion

Arousing Suspicion
Type Side Story Quest
Giver Mirabelle
Location Duke's Demesne
Prerequisite Come to Court
Next Quest Duchess In Distress

Arousing Suspicion is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

Arousing Suspicion

"Mirabelle brings word that Lady Aelinore desires a secret meeting. Even as Arisen, dare you grant such a request?"

Quest Objective


  1. Visit Mirabelle in the castle gardens after sunset to glean further details.

Quest Rewards


  1. 10,000 Gold
  2. 6,000 Exp.
  3. 20 Rift Crystals


Quest Walkthrough

To be eligible for this quest, the Arisen must have first spoken to Aelinore in the Garden after meeting the Duke during Come to Court (before the meeting with Aldous at the gate on the way out). With the prerequisite achieved, the Arisen will find Mirabelle awaiting them in the entrance hall of the Duke's Demesne after completing Come to Court.

Mirabelle requests Arisen to meet her in the Duchess' gardens after night - accept the request and rendezvous with her after sunset.

Meet Mirabelle by Night

Mirabelle will be in the Duchess' Gardens to the northwest of the keep. She will then inform the Arisen that the Duchess wants to meet the Arisen in secret in the Duchess's Bedchambers in the northeastern tower, again at night. Accept the request to continue the quest.

Take caution as being spotted by the guards at night will result in being thrown into the dungeons.

Meet Aelinore by Night
To get to Aelinore's chambers, head through the audience chamber, up the stairs to the left, and through a small door to a side room. From there head upwards until the causeway bridge linking the keep to the tower is reached - Aelinore's chambers are in the tower at the other end of the bridge.

Usually, if entering the castle at night contact with the palace guards will result in being thrown into prison; however once Mirabelle has been spoken to in the garden the night watch will not make arrests until the secret liason. Prior to the meeting with Aelinore's handmaiden one must be careful to avoid guards as usual.

Enter the tower at night to meet with the Duchess. A romantic scene begins but is interrupted by the Duke and his jester Feste and the Arisen is forced to hide.

Next the Duke, maddened by the moon, and his own personal loss loses his grip on reality and assaults Aelinore, strangling her. The Arisen then has two choices:

  1. Interfere, and approach to stop the Duke in his madness.
  2. Do nothing, remaining hidden, allowing the Duke to finish what he started.

Only the first will save Aelinore, the second condemns her to death at the Duke's hands. Regardless of the choice, the Arisen will eventually be discovered and thrown into the dungeons.

Escape the Dungeon
After being found and captured the Arisen will be placed in the dungeons and must escape.

If Aelinore was saved she will visit the Arisen there and provide two Skeleton Keys with which the Arisen can make an escape. Otherwise the Arisen must escape without aid, either through the front entrance or through the southwest cell containing a broken wall leading to the sewers, onto the Slums of Gran Soren.

Upon exiting the Duke's Demesne, the quest is complete.

Quest Notes

Obtaining the quest

  • If the garden encounter with Aelinore is missed during Come to Court, the opportunity to begin this questline will be gone until New Game Plus. To avoid this stay away from the main entrance to the Demense where the final meeting with Aldous (automatically) occurs that ends the quest :
  • If the Arisen left the Demense using a Ferrystone or via the Dungeon and Slums they must avoid re-entering via the gate - the only alternative way back in is via the Dungeon; either via the passage from the Slums (if opened), or else just commit a Crime to be taken there.
  • Thus, getting thrown in the jail doesn't end Come to Court, nor stop the Arisen from meeting Aelinore..
  • Mirabelle may be able to give the quest after speaking with Aelinore, but will not be found in the entrance room unless the Demense is entered and exited.
  • The opportunity to do this quest will pass if it is not completed before Reward and Responsibility, resulting in failure if it had not been completed.


  • Failing to intervene in the bedroom scene will result in Aelinore's death - thus the quests Duchess In Distress and Beyond This Stony Cage and any planned romance options will not be available until New Game Plus.
  • After meeting with Mirabelle in the garden, Ser Vinson, who has been briefly assigned to guard her chamber will disappear. After the quest the door is left unguarded as well.
  • This quest can be combined with An Innocent Man minimizing the number of visits made to the Dungeon.


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